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How to Convert EML File to PDF Format to Print and Save EML Messages

The blog provides all the possible solutions on how to convert EML file to PDF. If you are searching for the approach to export EML files to PDF format then, continue reading this article till the end. Here, we have illustrated the procedure by taking Mozilla Thunderbird as a platform to perform the migration.

An EML file is one of the most popular individual message file format, which comprises of all technical data associated with a single email. It comprises of plain ASCII text for hyperlinks, headers, and attachments (if any). The file is also considered as RFC-822 format, which is created from Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, etc.

An Adobe PDF file means portable document format. It contains text, images, hyperlinks, and attachments that can be opened on any platform. When the files get printed in PDF format, the majority of computer users believe that their data is safe. This is the reason why email client users are seeking a solution to batch print EML files format.

Solutions to Convert EML File to PDF

The approaches explained in this post works with and without Thunderbird. As per the reliability and presence of application, you can feel free to choose any of them.

Save EML File As PDF via Thunderbird

The measure requires the installation of a free add-on in Mozilla Thunderbird email client. When you are available with this, follow below-mentioned instructions to begin file saving in Adobe PDF documents:

1) Open Mozilla Thunderbird program having ImportExport add-on within it.

2) Minimize the Thunderbird screen and collect all the EML files (to be saved in PDF) in one folder.

3) Now re-launch the email client that you have minimized in Step (2). After this, click on three lines box and then on Tools >> ImportExportTools >> Import messages.

4) A Windows Explorer gets opened in which you have to go towards the location where folder created in Step (2) is saved and click on Open.

5) Select one email from the listed EML files and then, again, click on Open button. At a time, only one file can be selected to convert EML file to PDF. If there are multiple EML files to be printed in PDF then, again and again, you have to import them using the ImportExport add-on.

6) The chosen message gets loaded in the mailbox of your Thunderbird profile. Perform a single mouse click on this email and right-click on it.

7) From the listed menu of different operations, click on Save Selected Messages >> PDF format.

8) A warning message box will appear in which you have to click on OK >> OK.

9) Browse the location where PDF document is to be saved and click on Select Folder button.

10) Finally, you will find that portable file is archived on the defined location. You can open the PDF and check out the email printed in PDF.

Converting EML file to PDF Without Thunderbird

The measure involves the presence of Microsoft Word program on the machine to convert EML file to PDF. If this is present in your system then, follow below-mentioned guidelines:'
  • 1) Go towards the location where EML files are saved and select anyone of them.
  • 2) Right-click on chosen file and click on Open With >> Microsoft Word.
  • 3) The Microsoft Word gets opened in which you have to click on Office icon >> Save As.
  • 4) A file saving dialog box will appear where you will be selecting PDF option from the Save As Type menu.
  • 5) Now your EML file content automatically gets saved into the PDF format just after clicking on the Save button.
  • 6) Navigate towards the path where you have archived PDF in Step (d) and double-click on it to view the portable document.

Limitations of the Above Described Procedures

  • - Does not convert EML file to PDF with attachments.
  • - Either requires MS Word or Thunderbird email client for working.
  • - Fails when bulk messages are to be printed in Adobe PDF document.
  • - High chances of modification to be made in email content while processing.

Standalone Solution to Save EML As PDF

The approach involves the use of third-party product i.e., SysTools EML to PDF Converter. Neither Thunderbird not MS Word is required to work with this utility. This solution can convert EML files to PDF with attachments and renders a quick way to print files having .eml extension. Here, each message along with the associated attachments will be exported in the same format as they were before the conversion procedure.


“How to convert EML file to PDF” is a troubling question when it comes to bulk file conversion. In case, there are one or two EML files to be printed then, users can opt for manual technique. But, when it is about hundreds or more then, the best-suited measure is to use EML to PDF Exporter. The tool supports bulk email printing with 100% guarantee of maintaining data integrity throughout.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

How to Export Contacts from Outlook Web App to iCloud: Tips and Tricks

The official phone numbers and email numbers of any employee may be needed during travelling on a mobile device. It is important that these business cards information are available readily for anytime access. There are ways on how to export contacts from Outlook Web App to iCloud. It helps to have these personal client details at home, at work, outside, at meetings on off-site or on-site locations. It can be useful information for anyone looking for help in this regard. All the intelligence regarding the same has been collected and presented in this post so that you can move Office 365 to iCloud server. Continue reading to find out all about to export Office 365 contacts to iCloud.
"I have a complete list of over 500 contacts that I have saved from different departments that work for me. I do not supervise them all but the heads contact me with updates. I have to contact them whenever I am not on location or on desk. I need OWA contacts icloud sync so that I I can keep in touch with my employees. I was wondering if I could save the Outlook contacts on iPhone for staying connected with my peers on places without internet. It would be a great help with my business if I learn how to export contacts from Outlook Web App to iCloud. Can anybody help me with this?"

How to Export Contacts from Outlook Web App to iCloud?

Following are some step-by-step guide to upload contact details to Apple cloud one by one:

Step 1: Export CSV from Outlook 2013, 2016

  1. 1. First, launch the desktop email client and go to File>>Open and Export>>Import/Export.
  2. 2. From the ‘Import and Export Wizard’ dialogue box, select ‘Export to a File’ and click on Next button.
  3. 3. From the ‘Export to a File’ screen, select Comma Separated Value and click Next button to move Office 365 contacts to iCloud.
  4. 4. Then, select the Contacts folder and click on Next button.
  5. 5. Then, set a name and location for the file and click on the Next button.
  6. 6. Finally, click on Finish button to complete the task.

Step 2: Export CSV to VCF

  1. 1. First, press Win+R and type Contacts and hit Enter.
  2. 2. Then, click on Import button and upload the CSV file.
  3. 3. Then, each contact will be added one at a time. Make edits if necessary. The process to import Office 365 contacts to iCloud is an easy way if you are familiar with both.

Step 3: Upload vCard to iCloud via

  1. 1. First, go to the webpage and log in with Apple ID and password.
  2. 2. Then, go to Contacts App and double-click on it.
  3. 3. Then, click on the gear icon and select Import vCard option.
  4. 4. Then, upload the extracted business card one at a time to move Office 365 contacts to iCloud.
  5. 5. Now, let the information sync through all the devices.
There are other unconventional ways to make this process faster. It is by using a third-party tools the one mentioned below. It can directly save contacts from Outlook Web App export to PST file and then one can upload it to iCloud.

Fancy Way to Exporting Outlook Web App Contacts

The modern technology helps replace any older means of unnecessarily performing any long and tiring manual process. These just take too much time and clearly illogical considering the crucial business hours wasted in this. It is not only important to look for workarounds but only wise. One solution is the use of a third-party tool like the Office 365 Exporter Tool. It is a faster, convenient and a more professional choice considering the unreliable manual means. There are online suggestions that only confuse a user but this advanced algorithm helps them with the transfer and allow you answer your question “How to export contacts from Outlook Web App to iCloud”.


The part of progressive working and management strategy is to have efficient ways of collaborating and sharing documents. This involves keeping in touch with employees in real -time and keeping a check on their progress. It makes for a great workflow and increases productivity and reforms efficiency. One such promising way is to learn how to export contacts from Outlook Web App to iCloud. It keeps the employee records linked to multiple Macintosh devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac OS workstation and home computer. One can access there business card details through any of their mobile devices. We hope you can now move Office 365 contacts to iCloud.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Fix "Outlook.ost is in use and cannot be accessed" Error In 2013,2010, 2007

To Fix Error Code " Outlook.ost is in use and cannot be accessed " issues, change compatibility, rebooting and Privilege settings in Lync application. If still not able to use & access Outlook.ost file then tries to remove the dependency from OST file in Outlook 2007,2010,2013 and 2016.

Many times users are using Skype or Lync application, they can save their conversation into MS Outlook. Microsoft Lync provides IM conversation history, Status: Busy/Free, sync Lync with Exchange Server contacts and share compatibility ratio to Exchange server etc., make use of an existing OST file.

Therefore, in the following section, we are going to discuss different manual approaches to resolve Error Message “Outlook.ost is in use and cannot be accessed” issue of Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007 version Before that, let us explore some reasons behind the occurrence of this error. In below segment, we also find manual tips as well automated OST File Recovery Tool that can easily fix these kinds of an error code.

Different Types of the Error in Outlook 

There are multiple errors that will occur with different error code or format. Some of them are discussed below:

1. OST file is used by any other program or application
2. OST File may be locked. You must try to reboot this application
3. OST file is in use and cannot be accessed. Close any application, which can use this file
4. Default Outlook OST account is in use thus unable to display the folder and can not be easily accessed

Why OST Error Occur in Outlook 2010,2013 Application 

Go through the following reasons due to which this error appears:

1.  This error occurs when an incompatibility exists between the Lync and Outlook Version.
2.  In case of dual copies of lync.exe, keep in mind that Outlook.exe and Lync.exe both run from the same directory otherwise, you may receive an error message
3. Installation of all Outlook Add-ins like Fax. The software interrupts in between and causes aforementioned error message i.e., OST file is in use and cannot be accessed
4. Both OST or PST files are used by application such as Microsoft Exchange and all other email applications
5. Due to slow internet Connection, the error may also appear
6. In case of an unauthorized user or more than one user, accessing the .ost file may result in this error.

How to Fix Error Message “Outlook.ost is in use and cannot be accessed” Lync

There are following methods that will help to resolve Outlook error. Some of them are mentioned below:

Way 1: Change Compatibility Settings

1. First, Right click on the Lync Shortcut and click on properties option
2. Un-check “Run this program in compatibility mode for” checkbox from the Compatibility Tab

Way 2: Reboot Mail Application

1. Quit Microsoft Lync from the “Task Manager".
2. Then, start Outlook application and try to open Lync.
3. This method can avoid the error message of Offline OST file.

Way 3: Change Privilege

In case, if you have setup Lync account to Run as Administrator then, change privilege level by unchecking this option.

Way 4: Remove the Dependency on OST

Turn off all options in Microsoft Lync that may access an Outlook data file. According to the Lync or Skype version, your options might vary. The options such as store IM conversation history, Status: Busy/Free, sync Lync to MS Exchange Server contacts all make use of your Offline folder (.ost) file and you have to turn it off if the problem persists and you are not able to process further.

Consequences of Error Outlook.ost is in use and Cannot be accessed 

Users need to get back to a normal state by shutdown application or reboot it but sometimes Offline OST files are severely damaged after encountering an issue. Moreover, it can be quite difficult to re-synchronize the same OST file with MS Exchange Server

Rectify Outlook OST Error: Users can rectify the problem of their corrupt .ost file by running ScanOST.exe or inbox repair tool. This problem can be checked by using OST Integrity Check Tool. This is an inbuilt program provided by Microsoft that helps to resolve the minor level of corruption from OST file or users can repair corrupt OST file using an automated solution.

Steps to Run ScanOST.exe in Microsoft Outlook

1. First of all, Close the Outlook application and also verify it is running in background
Now, you can start ScanOST.exe.

2. If MS Outlook is running in the background, it will show an error message like this:

In case the software asks for ‘Profile name’ then, provide the exact name

3. These two options will appear i.e., ‘Work Offline’ or ‘Connect’. Hit on ‘Connect’ option.

4. Next, choose required option like ‘Scan all folders‘ etc., as per your choice

5. Select the checkbox ‘Repair Errors’ to remove any corruption issues. Then, press the ‘Begin Scan‘ option.
6. Unable to Find Offline OST File
7. Go through these set of instruction, which is discussed below:
8. Go to Start icon and type “Run” inside the search field
9. Then type the following command:
10.It will showcase your saved OST file at the desired location

Professional Tool to Fix “Outlook OST is in Use & cannot be accessed” Error

In case the above-described method gets fail, so users can take help of a reliable third party tool. One such solution is OST Recovery that will help to recover deleted or inaccessible emails from OST files. It is designed in such a way to extract data from OST file and keep the internal hierarchy of files or folders will remain same. Also, it has the easy-to-use interface that even a novice user can use it without taking any expert help.


Outlook is a desktop-based application being used for a professional purpose. At times users have encountered an error message "Outlook.ost is in use and cannot be accessed” that creates a big problem for every user. Therefore, in this blog, we have discussed a manual technique that will help to resolve this error. Else, users can go for an automated solution that will help to fix Outlook.ost error without facing any trouble.

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Lotus Domino to Exchange Migration Without Using MS Transport Suite

With the growing popularity of Microsoft Exchange, the world has also seen the decline of Lotus Domino in recent time. Every day, people switch to Exchange Server from Lotus Notes. Many other willing users are unaware of the migration methods. For these group of people, this blog will be beneficial. The reason is, it will discuss Lotus Domino to Exchange export techniques in detail. Other necessary information about Lotus Notes to Exchange Server migration will also be covered in this post. Let us get started with the necessity of IBM Domino Server to Microsoft Exchange Server conversion. You can even try an automated solution i.e SysTools Mail Migration Wizard to export Lotus Notes email to Exchange.

Necessity of Lotus Notes to Exchange Conversion

Users face the necessity of Lotus Notes data migration to Exchange for various reasons.

  1. Complete Migration: Many organizations switch from Lotus Notes to O365 for better facilities. In this case, they need to export Domino Server data to Exchange Server for obvious reasons.
  2. Data Synchronization: Sometimes, it becomes necessary to synchronize data between these two servers. For this reason, users want to migrate data from IBM Domino to Exchange.

How to Migrate Lotus Domino Items to Exchange

There are two techniques to export IBM Lotus Domino to Exchange. We will call the first one as conventional technique and another one as trouble-free technique. Users will learn about both the techniques from this post.

Conventional Technique to Convert IBM Lotus Notes to Exchange

Earlier, traditional Lotus Domino files to Exchange migration was possible using Microsoft Transporter Suite. This suite has been discontinued by Microsoft in 2007. Since then, ‘Exchange 2007 bridgehead server’ (within Exchange 2013 environment) is used for Domino Server to Exchange migration. As this conventional technique is complex, we will briefly know about steps of executing this process. The steps are:

i. Pre-Migration Assessment: This is the first step of the whole migration process. You need to gather complete knowledge about resources and requirements in this stage.

ii. Confirming Coexistence of Lotus Domino and MS Exchange: For directory synchronization, make sure you have both Lotus Domino and Exchange before export.

iii. Provisioning Exchange Mailbox: This step is closely related to coexistence. Users are pre-provisioned as contacts in Exchange, that route the mail back to Domino.

iv. Setting Migration Baseline: This step includes knowing how fast the data travels in your environment. This information allows you to plan migration activities properly.

v. Performing a Pilot Export: The aim of this step is to know upcoming challenges practically. Even more, challenges should be expected during the actual conversion process.

vi. Data Storage Designing: The required data space for resultant data can largely vary from the source data space. Users must calculate it and act accordingly before export.

vii. Migrate Domino to Exchange and Follow Its Progress: In this final step, the migration is done. Organizations should analyze the migration report to find out success rate.

Challenges Encountered While Exporting Lotus Domino to Exchange

This conventional method is not only extravagant but also complex in nature. Users face these challenges while implementing the conventional method for Lotus Notes migration:

1. It takes a significant amount of time to completely execute this conversion process manually. Apart from this, money and other resources are also been consumed in this process.
2. Organizations should know about required resources and potential risks of this export process. Experts should be consulted for a suggestion. Otherwise, the company can face severe data loss and other issues.
3. If necessary amount of investment, manpower, tool and time are not available, migration process might stop in midway. Organizations should be aware of these issues before starting the process.
4.Different types of logistical challenges also appear while implementing the conventional method. These include migration scheduling, training users, and providing support for them after the migration is over.

Trouble-Free Technique to Convert Lotus Notes to MS Exchange

The discussion distinctly shows the difficulty level of performing IBM Domino to Exchange 2013 migration conventionally. To avoid all these troubles, users can choose trouble-free technique of using Mail Migration Wizard. This program exempts users from all the hassle and conveniently exports Lotus Domino to Exchange. This tool can convert Lotus Notes NSF files to Exchange Server in a batch efficiently. This program is capable of decrypting encrypted NSF files before migration. The tool requires Lotus Notes 9.0 or below versions to be installed for migration. Here are some of the highlighted features of this application:

1. Migrates multiple Domino Server Mailboxes to Exchange in a batch
2. Mailbox Mapping option available for direct migration to Exchange
3. Also contains option to translate Canonical Name into SMTP format
4. Supports Calendar Recurrence during Lotus Notes Calendar export
5. Retains original Message Internet Header and Read/Unread status
6. Live Exchange Server and Domino Server are required for migration.
7. Installation of Lotus Notes 9.0 or any other version is compulsory
8. Supports Exchange Server 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, & 2000


In a nutshell, the conventional or manual method of Lotus Domino to Exchange migration is almost impossible to perform. The only other option left for the users is using the tool mentioned in the post. This software can convert multiple Lotus Notes mailboxes into MS Exchange easily. Mailbox mapping and canonical name translation are also possible with the help of this program. Users can use this software to transfer Domino Server to Exchange in a short time.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Convert Excel Contacts to vCard File Format – Best Solution

Best techniques to Convert Excel contacts into vCard, VCF file format. To know how to convert Excel contacts to vCard format successfully, users are required to perform the procedures sequentially. The manual and Online solution is available to export Excel contacts to vCard.

A Brief Introduction to vCard (Virtual Contact File)

The Virtual Contact File or vCard is an electronic business card that is used for different reasons. This file is used as an email attachment in exchange address book entity in worldwide. A vCard file encompasses many attributes as the name of the employee, email id, contact number, business address, home address, photographs etc. Via a VCF, users can interchange contacts details over electronic devices. A vCard file is compatible with Windows OS, Android, iOS, Mac, etc.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

How to Convert Office 365 Mailbox to Outlook PST Within Few DIY Steps

Office 365 suite is developed by Microsoft which embedded all Office applications in it. Office 365 is basically cannot installed in your local system although it resides on the server. Office 365 works totally on the server and provide cloud storage to save your work.

The cloud storage makes Office 365 beneficial for large database handling and also saves a lot of user’s system storage. User can easily save “n” size of documents in the cloud storage. Hence Office 365 is a new revolution in the field of Office suites developed by Microsoft.

Issue with Office 365

Overall Office 365 seems perfect Office suite but is not, at some points. User need an active internet connection every time to access Office 365 mailbox. May be it is possible that you are connected to server 24x7, but sometime there are issues like server malfunction or server down which makes you unable to access your Office 365 mailbox because Office 365 mailbox doesn’t work offline.

Another issue with Office 365 is you need to pay monthly or yearly subscription fee to access the cloud storage Office 365 account. Moreover, only an active account of Office 365 will allow you to access your Office 365 functions. Overall subscription is must to access Office 365 functionalities.

Moreover, some users are not so comfortable on using cloud technique as they are not so used to it. Hence a non-technical user faces a lot of issues with Office 365. Therefore, user want to migrate from Office 365 to Outlook desktop based email client.

Office 365 to Outlook

As you cannot access your Office 365 mailbox offline there is the need of migrating the email client catches light. Because user needed to access useful Office 365 documents anywhere anytime and depending upon web every time is not an option. User hereby switch his mail client to Outlook (most common desktop based mail client).

Convert Office 365 Mailbox to Outlook

Well you can easily convert Office 365 mailbox to PST but doing it manually is not a good idea. As manual conversion is not possible here because you have to deal with both server side and client side application hence better to try with some reliable Office 365 to Outlook converter tool.

The tool to convert Office 365 mailbox to Outlook is the one and only tool of its kind which provides complete migration from Office 365 account to Outlook.

With the help of the utility you can easily convert Office 365 to PST, most important thing to be noted is you can now access your Office 365 mailbox, contacts, calendars offline without any restriction of internet connection or subscription or any active Office 365 account.
It provides complete conversion of Office 365 mailbox to Outlook along with emails, contacts & calendars. Other options like Date filters and much more are also embedded inside the utility.

How to Convert Office 365 to Outlook PST?

To convert Office 365 mailbox to PST, you have to follow some simple DIY steps mentioned below:

1. Download Office 365 Export PST tool and double click to execute.

2. You will see the first screen asking for login in your Office 365 account.

3. After successful login the next screen ask you to convert office 365 mailbox to PST file format .

4. The Office 365 to Outlook migration tool also allows you to specify a local destination path for your converted Office 365 mailbox storage. Click browse option for this.

5. After specifying the destination location, proceed next by clicking on Start button.

6. The start option will start the process of saving the Office 365 mailboxes into local machine. You can see the live status too of the process.

7. Within few seconds the process of Office 365 mailbox to PST conversion completed. You will get acknowledge of completion.

8. The converted Office 365 mailbox to PST are stored in the location you specified. Now you can easily access your mailboxes by importing the PST file into Outlook.


The utility is used to Convert Office 365 mailbox to Outlook in few easy steps. It makes you able to access Office 365 mailbox offline. Moreover, you can convert Office 365 contacts, emails & calendar to PST file. After converting Office 365 mailboxes locally, you can access them from anywhere anytime locally. Powerful features of Office 365 to Outlook converter tool is the filter options provided like Date filter, naming convention specific folder selection etc. Additional export format EML also help for you to share.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

How to Export Yahoo Contacts To Outlook: 2 Best Manual Techniques

Time passes but the people you connect with remains almost same. Nowadays people usually, accumulate their contacts on the cloud to stay assured that their contacts will remain with them forever. Generally, people backup contacts in web-based email clients like Yahoo so that they can access it from anywhere but, what will happen if the Yahoo account you are using gets crashed. For a safer side, you should always keep an archive of your Yahoo Address Book in the desktop based email clients like Outlook. In this article, we will discuss about how to export Yahoo contacts to Outlook .

Yahoo is one of those web-based email clients which provides all the advanced features like contacts import/export, calender, etc. The contact file which is created in Yahoo can be converted in many formats like vCard, CSV, etc.You can save vCard to Outlook contacts to backup your contacts. But it is suggested that you always import your Yahoo Contacts to vCard format only. vCard is supported by almost all the mail clients and platforms. Then, that vCard file is transfer to Outlook 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 / 2000.

Why Only Outlook?
Before proceeding towards the steps to export Yahoo Contacts to Outlook, we should be aware of the fact "why only Outlook" as there are many other desktop based email clients are available.
The reasons are quite simple ;
1. Outlook keeps all the files in only one format i.e., PST file
2. It is easy to move Yahoo Address Book to Outlook 2013.
3. Outlook stores data on the local server which means no loss of information even if the mail account crashed.
4. You can also import many other contact file formats to the Outlook 2013 / 2010 / 2007.

Need to Transfer Yahoo Address Book to Outlook
Let's consider the following scenario from a user query trying to backupYahoo Contacts to Outlook 2013 / 2010
"I have stored all my contacts to Yahoo mail but I am not able to access my contacts due to some issues in my Yahoo mail. Now, I don't know how to view my address book as they contain very important contacts of my business partner. Can I export Yahoo Contacts to Outlook?"

"I want to saveYahoo Contacts to Outlook 2013 because I do not have internet access all the time. My 90% work is done from desktop and I want transfer Yahoo Address Book to Outlook."

Are you familiar with this situation ? Does the query seem similar to you?
Do not worry, in the next section we will be explaning the manual solution to the problem.

How to Export Yahoo Contacts to Outlook Manually
Yahoo Contacts can easily be converted to Outlook PST file by using one of the following methods
METHOD 1: Convert Yahoo Contacts to Comma Separated Values
1. Open your Yahoo Account.
2. Go to the Contacts.
3. Select the contacts you want to export and then click on the "Action"
4. Then choose Export & select the first option Microsoft Outlook
5. The contact will be saved as a .csv file on your system, then you can import it in Outlook.

METHOD 2: Convert Yahoo Contacts to vCard File
1. Open your Yahoo Account.
2. Go to the Contacts.
3. Select the contacts you want to export and then click on the "Action"
4. Then choose Export & select the fourth option vCard file
5. The contact will be saved in vCard format.
The above mentioned method is a two step process. First, you have to convert Yahoo Contacts to vCard or Comma Separated Values. Then, save Yahoo Address Book to Outlook 2013 / 2010 / 2007. By using any of the technique, you can export Yahoo Contacts to Outlook 2013.

Importing vCard to Outlook
1. Open your Outlook account and choose File from the navigation wizard
2. Select Import/Export option. A dialog box will appear
3. Select "Import a vCard File" and click on NEXT
4. Select the file format in which you want to import
5. Select the file which you want to import
6. Click on Next and then Finish

Limitations of Manual Method to Export Yahoo Contacts to Outlook
There are many drawbacks of the manual method. Some of them are listed below:
1. Manual method requires some basic technical knowledge of data files
2. Contact information can be mismatched during conversion of one file to another.
3. Manual method is a long two step process and takes more than the required time
4. This method is not reliable for large number of contacts.
5. Manual method cannot be used to import multiple vCard files at the same time.

Alternative Solution
The above mentioned method is quite useful but it lose its credebility when we want to export multiple contacts at the same time. We have a much better solution to move Yahoo Address Book to Outlook. You can use vCard Importer tool to import all your contact from any email client whether Web-based clients like Yahoo or desktop based like Thunderbird. The tool is just marvelous in its area. The vCard Importer Software will batch import all your vCard files to Outlook.


From above discussion, it is clear that you can export Yahoo Contacts to Outlook with manual method as well as automated tool. Both the method can somehow import contacts to Outlook but it is highly recommended to use software as it will backup all your Yahoo Address Book to Outlook without any hassle.