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Unable to Initialize the Microsoft Exchange Information Store Service Error Fixed

Solve Unable to Initialize the Microsoft Exchange Information Store Service Error 0x8004010f

If you are getting this Unable to Initialize the Microsoft Exchange Store Service 0x8004010f error in Exchange then you can resolve it by following the methods mentioned in the below segment. This article also explains the root causes of the issue so that users can rectify the issues due to which this error occurs.
Microsoft Exchange users have to face various types of errors each one due to different reason. The primary task of every administrator is to deal with such errors. One such error is Unable to Initialize the Microsoft Exchange Store Service 0x8004010f error which is shown when the users fail to initialize the information store even when the Microsoft Exchange Server is started many times.

Quick Solution: Users can go for a third party application i.e. Best EDB to PST Converter if they want an efficient solution to resolve the error.

This issue generally occurs when the Exchange Server fails to initialize the Exchange Information Store because the clock on the client computer and the Server computer is not synchronized properly. Due to this, the time change is recorded at the client side or on the server side.

Causes of Unable to Initialize the Microsoft Exchange Information Store Service 0x8004010f Error

The above mentioned issue is an indication that the Information Store services cannot be initiated by the Exchange Server. The management pack for MS operations manager continuously keeps track of Windows application log machines which are running on the Server. It generates the error when the Windows in unable to start the store service on the local machine.
When the service of Microsoft Exchange information store starts, it looks for the default recipient policy in Exchange Server. The possible causes of the issue can be any of the following two conditions:

• When the default policy from Email Address Policies tab gets deleted.
• Replacement of default policy by a custom email address policy.

Steps to Resolve Exchange Error 0x8004010f Manually

Important Note: The user should have administrative rights before starting the resolution process.

1. Open Run console and type Adsiedit.msc in it, then click OK.
2. In the Action menu, press Connect to option.
3. Here, “Select a well-known Naming Context” box will be displayed. Go to its Configuration option and click OK.
4. Expand the following option to continue the process:

• Configuration (The_Domain_Controller_Name .The_Name_Of_The_Domain . Com)
• CN=Configuration, DC= domain, DC=com
• CN=Services
• CN=Microsoft Exchange
• CN=Organization
• CN=Recipient Policies

5. Now, right-click on the Email Address Policy. Then, choose Properties from the option.
6. Navigate to Attribute option and choose purportedSearch. Here, validate that the value is (mailNickname=*).

Important Note: If the value of purportedSearch is not the same as mentioned. Then, change it manually by performing the steps below:
a) Go to purportedSearch and click on Edit option.
b) Click on Clear option and enter (mailNickname=*) in the field and then press OK to save it.

7. Visit Attribute and select msExchPolicyOrder option. Then, click Edit option.
8. Click Clear option, enter 2147483647 in the field. Then, double-click on the OK button.
9. Now, quit the Active Directory Service Interfaces.
10. Finally, restart the server to check whether the error is removed or not.

Limitations of Manual Procedure

There are some limitations which are associated with the manual method due to which many other issues can occur during the process. It requires so much time and efforts by the users to complete the method in a secure way. Another limitation is that, the method might feel difficult to execute for the users who are not technically strong as any mistake throughout the process can cause permanent data loss. In some situations, the users even fail to remove the issue using the manual procedure. In those scenarios, it is best to use a third party application which is explained below.

Efficient Solution to Fix Unable to Initialize the Microsoft Exchange Information Store Service Error

If a user wants to rectify the Exchange error 0x8004010f in a secure and reliable way, then it is suggested to go for the professional application. Using this solution, users can transfer their inaccessible Exchange mailbox data into Outlook data file format. If there is any corruption issue in the Exchange database, then also this software can fix the damage and then move it to PST format. The application ensures that the entire conversion process is carried out in a secure and reliable way without losing any data. The tool is loaded with a set of advanced features which makes it unique solution among other available software. Let us have a look at the features offered by it:

• Add multiple EDB files at one time for batch migration
• Scan & Remove corruption from Exchange Database
• Offers preview in 7+ different view modes
• Option to export data in 7 file formats
• Application supports Windows 10 & other below versions


Users who are facing Unable to Initialize the Microsoft Exchange Store Service 0x8004010f error while accessing their Microsoft Exchange Server knows that how difficult and crucial it is to resolve the issue. This error with event ID 5000 puts the entire Exchange database at risk including the private and public folders. Therefore, it is really important to fix the error as soon as possible. In this article, we have shared both manual and automated solutions to rectify the issue. Users can choose the option which best fits their requirements.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Unable to Open EML File Attachments in Outlook: Expert solution

EML File is an essential file type of various email clients like Microsoft Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc. but, it is not supported by Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003. Let us take a look at the query of a user who is unable to open EML file attachments in Outlook

“I had received an EML attachment file in my Outlook 2007 account. When I tried to open it, it opened in EML supportive clients like Outlook Express but, not in Outlook. Even though its completely normal since Outlook does not support EML file format. I wanted to know if I can  view EML file in Outlook? If yes, then how?”

Are you also going through the same dilemma? Well, here you will find all the answers when you cannot open EML file in Outlook. 

How to open EML File in Outlook 2007 Windows 7
Broadly classifying, there are two methods to view EML file attachments in Outlook.
 These are:
         1. Manual method
         2. Automated method

In the manual method, a user needs to perform all the steps manually whereas, in the automated method, all the steps are performed with the help of software. 
Let us go through them in detail.

Manual method: Edit Registry
The manual method is edit registry when a user is unable to open EML file attachments in Outlook 2007. To use this technique, make sure that you are using Outlook 2007, Windows 7 64-bit Operating System and Windows Live Mail is installed in your system. 
The steps to read EML file in Outlook are explained as follows:

1. Press Windows key+R to open Run command
2. Type regedit to open registry editor. 
3. Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> Software >> Classes >> Microsoft Internet Mail Message WLMail >> shell >> open >> command
4. In the command line, here it is written:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Mail\wlmail.exe" /EML:%1 
5. Change the stated line to:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\Outlook.EXE" /EML "%1"

In this method, you have defrauded the registry. Microsoft Windows still believes that the Windows Live Mail is the default application to open EML file attachments. But, you have changed the path in registry due to which instead of opening Windows Live Mail, it opens outlook.exe. In other words, if you open Control Panel and select default programs, it will show Windows Live Mail is associated with EML files but, Outlook will open instead. 

Limitations of Manual Process to Read EML Files in Outlook 2007
There are many drawbacks associated with the manual method. Some of them are listed below: 
      1. A user needs to have deep technical knowledge regarding EML file, Outlook and computer system. 
      2 .Even a minor mistake while executing the process can result in loss of data.
      3. Many steps are involved thus, making it a lengthy and time-consuming process.

      Due to all these limitations, manual approach to view EML File in Outlook is not considered the right approach. An alternative to the solution is to use automated tool. 

Automated solution
An automated utility is done with the help of third party tool like SysTools EML Viewer. According to the experts, it is the master solution to read EML file attachments in Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003. Also, if users need to export multiple EML files attachments to Outlook, they can use another software like  EML to PST Converter. 

An email can consist of text files and attachments. Simple attachments can be opened with any email client but, to view attachments of the EML file in Outlook is somewhat a difficult task. A user can view EML file attachments without Outlook if, he has other email clients. But to read EML File in Outlook, a user can go with the manual method or automated utility. 
In manual solution, users need to trick the registry editor. So, Windows OS thinks file is being opened from Windows Live Mail. But, in actual, the file is in Outlook. The technique requires steps to be performed manually, hence it is not considered as an ideal method. An alternative solution when a user is unable to open EML file attachments in Outlook is to use third party tool. The software like EML Viewer helps to preview EML file attachments very effectively. For bulk importing of EML file in Outlook, a user can do with SysTools EML to PST Converter

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Techniques to Sync Outlook Contacts with Android via Google – Effortless Solution

In this fast-paced world, people have to deal with the number of devices and email accounts. For example, a person might be having a computer at home, a laptop in the office and a smartphone with them all the time. At the same time, it is required that the devices should remain synchronized to avoid any trouble in professional and personal life. As we all know that performing the task of synchronizing is very important for multiple device users, therefore, this blog will focus on how to transfer contacts from PST to AndroidWhoever is using an Android device might want to sync Outlook Contacts with Android via Google.  Read this blog in detail to understand the procedure to perform this migration task. But, before discussing the solution, the need will be described in brief.

Necessity for Synchronization

Outlook has been developed by Microsoft to manage emails, contacts, calendar, etc. This is a desktop-based email client so all its data is stored within a single system. Suppose a user is having Outlook at home or office, and an Android device for personal use. The Outlook contacts have to be synced to Android device to access from anywhere. This difference between Operating Systems and between emails clients are the reason behind the need of synchronization. A related query is discussed below to understand the situation often faced by the people:

How can I sync my Outlook Contacts to Android by using Google? I use Outlook in my office but want to Sync Outlook Contacts with Android via Google so that I can access them from anywhere, even when I am at home or on my way to the office. Is there any way by which I can do the synchronization?

This question explains that users are often in need of Syncing Outlook Contact book to Android via Google. This need can be met by using Google itself. This process is called the manual method, as all the steps have to be done by the user.

Techniques to Sync Outlook Contacts with Android via Google

The entire process of Exporting Outlook Contacts to Android can be separated into three main parts. The complete guide of the manual technique is described here systematically.

Method 1: Using Google to Sync Outlook contacts with Android Tablet via Google

Exporting Outlook Contacts

1. Open Outlook and Click on File from the Menu and Click Open and Export. Now click Import/Export button to open the Import and Export Wizard.
2. On the Wizard, Select Export to a File and hit Next.
3. Select the option of Comma Separated Values and then click Next.
4. Under the heading of Personal Folder, click Contacts > Next
5. Click Browse to go to the location you want to save the converted contacts. Enter a file name and click OK> Next.
6. Click Finish to complete the migration of Outlook Contacts.

Importing to Gmail

1. Log on to your Gmail account from the computer.
2. Click on the Gmail on the top left to get a drop-down menu and click on Contacts from the options to open a new window.
3. Now, click on Import Contacts from the left side, another window will appear to let you select the CSV file.
4. Click on Choose File and select the CSV file you want to import here.
5. Now click Import button to finish the process.

Syncing the Android Device

After syncing to the Gmail account is done, it can be accessed from the Android devices also. If for any reason the syncing is not visible from the Android device, follow these steps:
1. Open Contacts.
2. Click on Menu button.
3. Now, Tap Accounts and then Tap into your Google account.
4. Click Menu again.
5. Then, Tap Sync Now. This should complete the whole process to sync Outlook contacts with Android via Google.

Disadvantages Of Manual Method

1. Time-taking Process: It is evident that the whole business of migrating Outlook Contact Group to Android devices is a time taking process.
2. Direct Involvement Required: During every step, the direct involvement of the user is needed.
3. User Needs Patience: To perform this systematic process, the user patience is necessary.

Method 2: Quick Solution to Sync Outlook Contacts with Android via Google

If the user does not have time or patience to perform this procedure, they can easily opt for a quick and reliable solution. Using third-party tools is an option for performing the syncing operation. vCard Export Tool is a fantastic software that can conduct the synchronization easily without any continuous supervision. It transforms PST files to vCard quickly and effortlessly. It also bears the feature of previewing all attributes of Outlook Contacts in vCard format. For quick export of Outlook Contacts, this software provides a reliable solution.

Concluding Words

To stay updated in this world, people need to keep their devices synced. Just because a person is using different OS, does not mean that they are supposed to have issues with Address book syncing. To sync Outlook contacts with Android via Google is possible manually. However, it takes a lot of time, which many cannot afford with their busy lifestyle. For them, the best solution to synchronize Outlook contacts to Android is vCard Tool. This application does not only migrate Outlook Contacts to Android quickly, it saves your effort for performing the whole activity. By saving time and effort, this software offers a great help to all the professionals.

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How to Open Corrupted DMG File of Mac OS on Windows Platform

The term DMG is a file extension, which is abbreviated for Apple Disk Image. This type of disk image file is created in Apple machine having Macintosh operating system. The blog provides an overview of DMG file and different ways to open corrupted DMG file or Disk image file through a command line or a free application to view DMG contents in Windows. It prevents corruption and damage to DMG file by recovering the DMG file.

These DMG files are somewhat similar to Microsoft Windows ISO, which comprises of software installation files of Mac applications. It also gives support to the holding of compressed files. The MIME Type or Internet media type of DMG file is application/x-apple-diskimage. The DMG file icon comes with a structure that is based upon several Disk Image formats. Few formats are mentioned below:

  • - Universal disk image format
  • - New disk image format

Reasons for Corruption in DMG Files

There are several causes due to which a user becomes unable to open corrupted DMG file. Some points upon the same are given below:

  • - Physical Disk Damage: There are few chances where hard disk gets damaged due to scratches or some unknown reason. These sudden incidences might cause corruption in DMG file.
  • - Improper Unmounting: A DMG file is considered as a physical hard disk. However, if you are storing DMG file on an external hard drive then, corruption in files might occur due to improper ejecting of the disk.
  • - Read/Write Disruption: The ‘in between’ habit of halting the ongoing procedure of Read/Write operation leads to corruption in DMG file.
  • - Cross-Platform Sharing: The file sharing between the unsupported platforms might result in an unresponsive state of DMG file.
  • - Header File Corrupted: The header file comprises of crucial data within it. When something goes wrong in this file, the overall DMG file will also get corrupted.

Errors Caused While Opening Corrupted DMG File

The errors encountered at the time of processing corrupted or damaged DMG files are mentioned below:

  • - Image File on your PC
  • - DMG Not Recognized: No mountable File System
  • - Cannot Open DMG File
  • - Disk Image Could Not be opened
  • - Invalid Checksum: DMG Disk Image File
  • - Cannot run from read only DMG File

Solutions to Open Corrupted DMG File

There exists manual as well as a free automated approach to view data from corrupted DMG file. While the time users are restoring DMG file, they should make sure that they are having a copy of it. When the procedure of fixing DMG file gets started, it might result in corruption. Therefore, it is suggested to end users that they should be having a backup of data before recovery. There are three approaches through which one can learn solutions on how to open damaged DMG file. So, let’s begin!

  • Method 1: Repair DMG Using Disk Utility

Initiate with following instructions for repairing the file:

  1. 1) Launch Disk Utility program on Mac machine and move the copy of the .dmg file in the device list.
  2. 2) Choose the DMG file and then select ‘First Aid’ tab for starting the disk verification. Try to recover the DMG file, if in case the problem persists.
  3. 3) If you find an error: No mountable file system after accessing DMG file then, follow below-mentioned instructions for repairing DMG file:

    • - Reboot the Mac machine by using Mac Bootable CD/Flash Drive.
    • - Try to restart the system and click on Install Mac OS X option.
    • - From the Mac keyboard, press ?C? keys altogether.
    • - Agree to the terms and conditions displayed and select language accordingly.
    • - Choose the targeted drive where the problem is faced and click Macintosh HD.
    • - Click on the Options tab for selecting installation method. If you want to secure private folders and user accounts then, select the option of Archive for installing and choosing. This will be preserving Users and Network Settings.
    • - Restart your PC and then, reply to the configuration that is prompted in front of you to open corrupted DMG file.

  • Method 2: Convert DMG to ISO

You have to utilize an inbuilt command named as HDIUTIL. Open the Command Prompt screen and then, execute the following command given below:

Open corrupted DMG file

  • Free Automated Approach

The approach involves no complicated instructions to be followed. It only requires downloading and installing of DMG File Viewer, which should be done in a proper manner. Users only have to add DMG file in this free utility and rest processing will be carried away by the tool itself. The software will open corrupted DMG files with all the data associated with it.


After practically implementing things, we would suggest the users that they should opt for free DMG viewer. It is so because it does not require a high level of technicalities to open corrupted DMG file. There is no set of complicated steps to perform. With the help of this tool, the task becomes easy and it takes very less to open and show the data items from the DMG file.

Friday, 29 December 2017

Extract Data From DMG File Format on Windows Operating System

Disk Image file of Mac OS is in DMG file format. This file format is used to install new applications on Mac system. It maintains the compressed installer of the application. In Mac, it is easy to open the file and access the data but if it comes to Windows OS, it becomes difficult to open and extract data from DMG file. Some image files are encrypted, compressed, password protected and also supports spanning. In the following article, we will discuss methods to unpack DMG file in an effective way.

Approaches to Unzip DMG File On Windows

There is no direct manual method to fetch all the data items from the DMG file on Windows OS. Therefore, some utilities are available that can help a user to perform the extraction process. It is discussed above that Apple DMG file format is only supported by Mac operating system, so it is very difficult for the users to open the Disk Image File on Windows platform. For some users, it is really important to access the file on Windows OS. Now, you can continue the write-up to know more about available applications.

Use DMG Extractor to Extract Data From DMG File

It is an automated software that can help a user to extract DMG file contents in a very simplified way. The tool is efficient enough that it can open a wide range of Apple DMG files. It is completely free to use and export data. It is very popular utility and one of the widely used applications for extracting data from Disk Image File. A user needs to follow the steps to save DMG file on Windows OS:

  1. 1. Download, Install and run DMG Extractor on your machine.
  2. 2. After starting the utility, you need to click on the Open button.
  3. 3. Now, you need to browse the .dmg file that you have saved on your system. Open that file to extract data from DMG file.
  4. 4. After adding the file, all the data items that are stored in a DMG file will be displayed on the window of DMG Extractor tool.
  5. 5. Now, to extract the data contents from the Apple Disk Image File, then from Toolbar, a user needs to click on the Extract button.
  6. 6. Choose Extraction options as desired in order to fetch DMG file data on Windows OS.
  7. 7. At last, you can navigate to the location where you have saved the data items. All the selected data from Mac DMG file will successfully extract to that location.

Drawbacks of Using DMG Extractor

There is no doubt that DMG Extractor application works brilliantly in order to extract data from DMG file on Windows platform. As it is a free version of the utility, it has some limitations. There are some drawbacks as listed:

  • 1. A user is allowed to extract only 5 files at a time from Apple Disk image file.
  • 2. There is a size limit of 4 GB. One cannot extract the DMG file which is larger than this file size.
  • 3. There is no such possibility to access data from the corrupt DMG file.

Automated Solution to Open & Save DMG Disk Image File

A user can switch to some other utility that can avoid all above limitations. A user can opt for another automated tool i.e. DMG Viewer Pro Tool to get foolproof results. It is a reliable solution that can open the file of any size and extract data from DMG file. The tool can easily scan corrupted DMG file and open all its contents. Therefore, it easy to access data from healthy, password protected, encrypted, spanned or damaged DMG file. It is easy to search any specific data item of any file type like MBOX, EML, EMLX, etc.

The software is compatible with Windows 10 and all the below versions. There are different view modes like Normal, Attachments, Hex, Header, etc that allows a user to analyze and view all the data items deeply. Therefore, the tool is also suitable for the forensic purpose. There is an option to view selective files or folders from DMG file.

The Bottom Line

There is no direct method to extract data from DMG file on Windows platform. Therefore, in this article, we have discussed possible ways to open and save Mac Disk Image file contents on Windows OS. There are many users those are looking for the solution. Thus, in this post, we have discussed two effective methods so that a user can easily view and save DMG file.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Transfer Contacts From Gmail to Office 365 – Quick Steps

Move Contacts From Google to Office 365

Office 365 is a complete package of Microsoft that no only provides emailing services for managing different email account but also provides development frame work. However, Google being connected to all smart phone get all the contacts from Gmail account. User need to get all the contacts from Gmail to Office 365 for business purpose. Most users want to move contacts from Google to Office 365 and they use manual process for that but it take a lot of time and invest a lot of effort. We will provide you the method that would help you all to import G Suite contacts to Office 365 account very easily.
Though we cover both manual as well as automated procedure to migrate Google contacts to Office 365 but it is recommend to use an automated solution if your have a large set of contact list.

Manually Move Contacts From Google to Office 365

Its is very important to know how to migrate Google Apps to Office 365:
1. In Gmail account, choose Gmail > Contacts
2. Select More & then Export button.
3. Choose the group of contacts to be exported from Google to Office 365.
4. Choose the export format Outlook CSV to move contacts from Google to Office 365
5. Then press Export button.
6. Now open Outlook 365 account and then Choose File > Open & Export > Import/Export.
7. Choose Import from another program an select Comma Separated Values
8. Then choose Next.
9. Then the Import File box, choose .csv file you saved with Gmail contacts
10. In the Select a destination folder box, scroll to the top if needed and select the Contacts folder > Next.
11. Choose Finish
Outlook move contacts from Google to Office 365 account.
This manual process is very much easy to understand and perform but migrating Google Apps to Office 365 data for a large group of data we will not prefer you to go through this process. Its better to follow an automated solution because if we manually import Google contacts to Office 365 we will be wasting a lot of time.

Automated Solution

The fast process to move contacts from Google to Office 365 is using a software. One of the software is SysTools Google Apps to Office 365 Exporter that allows the data from Google Apps to Office 365 easily. This tool let you get all the Google Apps data like emails, contacts, calendar to Office 365 account very easily. Some of the features of this tool are:
  • Domain User facility to migrate Google Apps accounts
  • Unique pause and resume option
  • Date & items filter allow to get selective data
  • Impersonation option to migrate multiple user accounts very easily from Google Apps to Office 365.


Google Apps to Office 365 migration is one of the most demanding need of the user so that they can get their data items from Gmail to Office 365 account very easily. Manually it may take a lot of time and effort but if we take help of the automated process then we can easily migrate contacts from Google Apps to Office 365.

Friday, 22 December 2017

How to Import Excel Contacts into Outlook Contacts

Don’t able to import Excel contacts into Outlook Address Book, follow the easiest method to move excel contacts to Microsoft Outlook Application. As various errors occur while exporting contacts since excel have a different file format called .xls extension. As Excel file used for different purposes rather than storing an address contacts list of the user, but still helpful for Outlook user to import contacts to Outlook Address Book.

Since various editions are available, such as Outlook 2016, 2013 and 2010,2007 and many more, but the method we are discussing in below section applies to all the versions of Outlook. As Various errors faced by Outlook user due to different editions such as "Missing Contact Information", "Protocol Error", "MAPI Error", To know more about error related during importing excel contacts into Outlook 2013 and other editions.

Method to Import Excel Contacts into Outlook

The Quickest manual method to move Excel contacts list to Outlook using the CSV File format. Since CSV Format supported by CSV Format and allow a user to import CSV File data. If we convert the contacts stored in Excel format to CSV Format, then we can use the import/Export option of the Outlook Application to move Excel Contact List.

For more ease, we try to explain the complete method using Screenshots so that without any problem, a naive, as well as Expert Outlook user. If still, you can import Excel Contacts into Outlook, then can directly  move contacts using any third party software.

Step1: Open the input file in Excel application and similar to below image, save the contacts of the user in Excel file format, user don't get any kind of Mapping error during the Conversion process.

Step2:  Mostly all Excel application offers an option to save the Excel contacts to CSV Format. To save in CSV Format, use "Save As" option to convert the file into CSV Format. In CSV File format, each value separated from by Comma (,)  value.

Step 3:  Now save the Converted file within the system.

Step 4: Now open the desired Outlook editions, in which you want to import the Excel contacts.

Step 5: Open Outlook Application and Go to “File” menu and Select “Import/ Export” option.

Step 6:  Now in Import Export Wizard, select the option “import from another program or file. Option. Using this option, a user can import different file format and CSV format is one of them.

Step 7:  Now click on “Comma Separated Values” and Click “Next”  and browse the Converted CSV File from the System.

Step 8: After selecting the file, a user needs to select the option offers by Outlook Application toavoid duplicates contacts, addresses issues.  3 options are offered by the application.

  • Replace Duplicates with items.
  • Allow Duplicates: Replicate addresses will not be stored in Address Book 
  • Do not import Duplicate: No replicate addresses will not be stored in Address Book 

Step 9: To import Excel contacts to Outlook Address Book, select the “Contacts” folder section while saving the location of addresses of users.

Step 10:  The most important thing while moving Excel contacts list to Outlook is Mapping of CSV attributes with the default Custom fields of Outlook Application.  Click on “Map Custom Fields option”

Note:  If the option of “Import File.csv into folder Contacts is not selected automatically by the Outlook, then there are some chances of error in input CSV File. Some time while converting data into CSV format, instead of using (,) values and Delimiter (;) is used due to some default settings. So the user needs to be careful while performing the Conversion process.

Step 11: In below section, you can view the Mapping Interface, where Outlook user needs to map the attributes of CSV file of  “From” option to  “Microsoft Office Outlook” Application.

A user needs to Select “One field”  from CSV File for Example in below section,  we map the attributes like “Phone Number\” with the “Business Phone” Field and click “Next” and map all the attributes similarly till all the attributes get mapped.

Step12: At last, click on “Finish” button to import Excel contacts to Outlook Application.

Step 13:  When the process gets completed, you can view the imported contacts into Outlook Address Book.

Final Word

As you can see manual method are able to move contacts of Excel to Outlook 2016 / 2013 and below editions, as method works on all versions of Outlook Software. But if a user doesn't want to use this method and don't want to convert first into CSV Format and then follow the above procedure, a user can directly import Contacts from Excel into Outlook Application, using Third Party utility tools and the best tool for this conversion process is an Excel to vCard Converter.  Tool directly move the Excel contacts list to Outlook Address Book, without converting into CSV Format. It also offers an option to map the attributes similar to Outlook application, so that user can map the attributes according to their need and also offers an option to remove duplicity issues.