Friday, 24 November 2017

Know How to Combine Multiple .vcf Files into a Single File

“Hello, World! I work as an analyst and have multiple VCF files present on my laptop. I want to combine multiple .vcf files in a single file. I really want to perform the entire migration process as soon as possible. Please Suggest Something. All leads shall be reciprocated. Thanks in Advance!”
Sometimes, it really gets irritating for the users to face the issues that mostly occur in the old phones like Nokia and they want to import the data into Gmail or any other smartphone. Now for transferring the data to a new smartphone, the users need to search for a proper and reliable solution or working method that can resolve the issue without any more error and problems encountered. Therefore, let’s go through the user's concern and provide resolution to them to Merge VCF files and make a single file.

Manual Method to Combine Multiple .vcf Files in Single File

One of the easiest and most preferable methods to transfer contacts is export to a single .vcf file and then import them into the mail contacts and synchronize mail id with the phone. While doing this, for instance in Nokia PC Suite, you will get separate .vcf files for each contact. It gets really troublesome to move files one after another in Gmail account if in case we have more than 500-600 address books as you need to repeat the same 500 or 600 times. But in this segment listed below, we have numerous methods to combine multiple .vcf files into a single file. So, follow the process and import all contacts at once.

1. Move separate .vcf file in folder’
2. Copy folder location
3. Open Windows Command Prompt and type “cmd” and tap enter and open the command prompt
4. If you have DOS Operating System, type CD and then paste contacts and finally press enter
5. Finally, type COPY *.VCF COMBINED.VCF and then select Enter key

This method will help you in combining all .vcf files into a single .vcf one namely Combined.vcf. Afterwards, the users can import combined VCF into the Gmail Account and synchronize them with your own device.

Automated Solution to Combine Multiple VCF files into Single File

If the manual method stated above doesn’t work, then in such circumstances, one of the easiest and finest way out to handle this situation by employing a professional solution like vCard Viewer Pro software. The tool has the credibility to resolve all the problems in a just single instance. Now, in the segment below we will guide you with the techniques which are followed to join multiple VCF files into one.

Step 1: First of all, download the application and install it on your local machine. Once done with installation, click start>> all programs and then tap on VCF Viewer Pro wizard

Step 2: Afterwards, click on the Add File alternative available on the display screen

Step 3: Once added the VCF file, it is displayed on software interface as described in the screenshot below

Step 4: In case the users have multiple VCF files then they need to add all the folders by making use of Add Folder. Afterwards, click on Ok option

Step 5: Once done with the entire scanning process, added Files are displayed on left side of the screen. The users can even switch between the horizontal & vertical for viewing all the files

Step 6: Choose the Merge vCard Button that pops-up in front of you. And to navigate to merge vCard and select ok >> and then Export

Step 7: Click on the OK button and one export report window will be displayed showing the success and failure count after clicking the Save Button

Step 8: Specify the name of the file and then hit on Save option. The final exported file will be previewed as described in the screenshot.

As described above, the method to combine multiple .vcf files into a single file manually. In case you are not able to come up with the desired output, the users can opt for vCard Viewer Pro software and resolve the issues without any errors and omissions encountered. So, stay connected to the article and go likewise for a manual or automated solution.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Convert Apple Mail to PDF File Format in an Effective Manner

There are many users those are looking for a solution to save emails from Apple Mail into a secure file format such as PDF. People are searching for methods to convert Apple Mail to PDF file format. But before discussing that, we must know about the email applications and file formats. The default email application which comes with Mac OS X is Apple Mail. The important thing that we must know is that it supports MBOX file format. It is the main file type used to save all the emails in Apple Mail or Mac Mail. It is a text file that stores all the emails in a concatenated manner.

Whereas, PDF (Portable Document Format) is the most preferred format to present and exchange documents. A unique advantage of using a PDF file format is that it is independent of any application, hardware or Operating Systems. It is a widely used format for data storage and data presentation. In the following article, we will discuss methods to print MBOX to PDF file format.

Why Do Users Need to Convert Apple Email to PDF?

There can be many reasons to convert emails from Mac Mail to a secured and portable file format like PDF. Some are listed:

  • 1. The integrity of the email is protected and all the contents of the email like the fonts, headings or the images remain same. That’s why it is better to convert Apple Mail to PDF.
  • 2. The PDF file format has a number of useful features that help a user to save and view the email messages in a structured manner.
    PDF documents are platform independent and can be accessed from any OS like Windows, Linux or Mac.
  • 3. The PDF files can be protected by the password which makes it safe from unauthorized users and hackers.

Manual Process to Convert Apple Mail to PDF

These are the following steps to export emails from Mac Mail to portable document format:

  1. 1. Open Apple Mail and select an email which you need to convert.
  2. 2. Double-click on it and open the email.
  3. 3. Go to the Print option from the Mail menu.
  4. 4. In this, click on PDF from the drop-down menu options and then select Save as PDF option.
  5. 5. Navigate to the location where the email is to be stored after the conversion to PDF process.
  6. 6. Type in the name in which the newly created PDF file is to be saved and click on Save.
  7. 7. The process of Apple Mail (MBOX) to PDF then gets successfully completed.

Some Limitations

There are few drawbacks of using manual procedures to convert Apple Mail to PDF as listed:

  • 1. Apple Mail client has to be installed on the Mac system. 
  • 2. If the user has shifted from Mac to Windows and wants to convert all the emails from Mac emails to PDF format, then it is not possible due to the MBOX file format being in Windows OS.
  • 3. It is a very tedious process to select email one at a time and then, convert that email to PDF file format.
  • 4. Also, the process of conversion takes too long time with serious efforts from the user.
  • 5. A non-technical person may find the process too cumbersome and hence there is an added risk that the emails may get altered or the data may get lost during the conversion process.

Superior Third-Party Software Tools

Looking at the drawbacks associated with the manual method, it is safely recommended that a reliable professional tool is sought to convert Apple Mail to PDF format. The MBOX Viewer Pro is an automated tool that helps a user to view his emails from Apple Mail along with its attachments. The best advantage of this software is that the supporting email client need not be installed to view the .mbox files. All the data items with item count are displayed by the software.


The Portable-Document-Format (PDF) provides data portability, security and integrity. So, it is highly recommended that the user should convert Apple Mail to PDF document. Thus, the email communication data remains safe without its integrity getting compromised. This blog deals with the manual method to export Apple emails to PDF file format. Also, it is recommended to try the third-party tool which gets the task done effectively and quickly.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Migrate AOL Mail to Outlook Application by Converting PFC to PST

AOL is a popular web-based email client and has the data stored in the PFC (Personal Cabinet File) format whereas Microsoft Outlook stores the emails and its related contents in PST format. Due to the mismatch of the file formats, AOL emails cannot be accessed directly in Outlook. They have to be converted to the PST format and then can be viewed on Outlook. To convert AOL PFC to PST, this blog discusses the methods to migrate AOL Mail to Outlook email application. Once a user asked:

"I have an account in AOL for a long time and now I wish to have a new account in Microsoft Outlook. Could you help me in transferring the contents of my AOL account to the Outlook account so that I can retain the data without losing any information?"

Reasons to Convert AOL to Outlook PST

Reasons may be varied as when the users of a particular organization have to move from AOL Mail to Outlook. Also, Microsoft Outlook has some unique features, which coax the users towards this migration. Those features of Outlook luring users are as follows: 

  • 1. It can be integrated with different inbuilt MS Office applications.
  • 2. It is a highly secure email client having cross-program functionalities.

Manual Methods to Migrate AOL Mail to Outlook

Method 1: Migrate via Emails
  • 1. The user has to select the email messages that are to be transferred to Outlook PST format
  • 2. Send the emails to the email account on MS Outlook
  • 3. The emails received in MS Outlook will be automatically in PST form and can be viewed after configuring the email account.

Method 2: Add AOL Mail Account to Outlook 2010 Using IMAP
  • 1. Open Outlook program.
  • 2. Click on File -> Info -> Account Settings menu to open the Account Settings Window
  • 3. Click the New button in the Email tab which is the first tab.
  • 4. The adjacent Manual setup or additional server types checkbox is to be ticked and click on Next.
  • 5. From the list of options, select IMAP/POP.
  • 6. Verify the following under the Server information section-
    - Account Type- IMAP
    - Incoming Mail Server-
    - Outgoing mail server (SMTP)-

  • 7. In the Login Information, enter-
    - User Name- Full address of AOL email, for eg,
    - Password- your AOL email password

  • 8. To migrate AOL Mail to Outlook, check on the Remember Password box.
  • 9. Click on More Settings.
  • 10. The Internet E-Mail Settings screen pops up and click on the Outgoing Server tab.
  • 11. When the Outgoing Server tab is visible, check the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication box.
  • 12. Also, next you need to click on the radio button- for this, use same settings as there in my incoming mail server.
  • 13. Click on the Advanced tab now and verify the following-
    - Incoming Server (IMAP) – Port 993
    - Incoming Server encrypted connection- SSL
    - Outgoing Server (SMTP) - Port 587
    - Outgoing Server encrypted connection- TLS/Auto
  • 14. Click on OK button.
  • 15. For testing to see if everything is entered properly or not, check the ‘Test Account Settings by clicking the Next button’ box. Click on the Next button.
  • 16. If everything is entered properly, then you get a congratulations message display window saying that the tasks have been completed. Close the window. Now you can use your AOL account through Outlook.
  • 17. You will get a final congratulations window. Click on Finish button.
  • 18. Now you can access your AOL email account through Microsoft Outlook 2010. The method for other versions of Outlook like 2007, 2013, 2016 is the same. Care should be taken to verify the IMAP accounts and ports for the incoming and outgoing server.

Limitations of Manual Methods

The problem with such methods to migrate AOL Mail to Outlook is that they are suitable only for a few emails. When bulk emails and the folders are to be migrated, the techniques don’t really work. Also, some important emails may be left out in this process. Another drawback of the manual approach is that the user should have some technical expertise in IMAP/POP3 settings. Also, such processes are very lengthy and time-consuming.

Automated Tool as an Alternative

The above-listed shortcomings of the manual approach are overcome by using a reliable third-party tool like AOL to PST Converter which can effectively migrates migrate AOL Mail to Outlook email application in an easy way. There is no sort of data loss in this method. There is another advantage of doing this. It can be used to take a backup of AOL emails so that it can be retrieved when needed.

Ending Notes

AOL users face issues such as security threats and server being down, and these are the reasons why they migrate AOL Mail to Outlook. In this blog, both the manual method and the automated approach are discussed. The use of the third-party tool is also recommended since it is safe and reliable to move the data conveniently.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Export Yahoo Mail to Apple Mail Using POP/IMAP Settings

The method of importing and exporting data from one email client into another always poses a problem to the users. Here, in this blog, we will deal with the process to export Yahoo Mail to Apple Mail. Users can set up Apple Mail to receive emails from their Yahoo account and these stored emails can be viewed offline anytime. In the following article, we have discussed two easy manual procedures to export Yahoo Mail to MBOX file format. It can be done by using the IMAP or POP synchronization method. With the help of these techniques, a user will get the entire database transferred to Apple Mail and a user can also jump from one operating system to other.

Adding Yahoo Email Account to Apple Mail By IMAP

The IMAP (Internet-Message-Access-Protocol) is a new protocol, by which, emails can be accessed and managed remotely. The actions that are done in the app affect the emails on the email server.
  • 1. Go to your Yahoo mail account.
  • 2. Select Mail -> Preferences.
  • 3. Go to the Accounts tab.
  • 4. Here click on ‘+’ symbol
  • 5. And now, add a new account.
  • 6. In the text box, fill in your email address and password and click Continue.
  • 7. In the Incoming Mail Server window, fill in all the details and click Continue like:

  • Account Type: IMAP
    Description: Description of the mail
    Incoming Mail Server:
    User Name: Yahoo username
    Password: Yahoo mail password

  • 8. In the Outgoing Mail Server window fill in all the necessary details and click on Continue.

  • Description: Any description of user choice
    Outgoing Mail Server:
    User Name: Yahoo username
    Password: Yahoo mail password

  • 9. Check the displayed Account Summary and click Create.
  • 10. Now you can access your Yahoo mails from Apple Mail.

Export Yahoo Mail to Apple Mail Using POP

The POP (Post-Office-Protocol) is also a way to get Yahoo Mail on a desktop or mobile app. The copies of the user’s emails are downloaded by the POP so that it can be moved or deleted in the application without the original mails getting affected. The POP protocol copies emails from the email server to the app and the actions performed in the app doesn’t affect the email on the server. To connect Yahoo Mail to Mac Mail, follow below steps:
  • 1. Open Apple Mail.
  • 2. Select Mail -> Preferences.
  • 3. Click on Accounts and on the Account screen click on the ‘+’ icon.
  • 4. Enter your name, your Yahoo email address and your Yahoo email password.
  • 5. Hold the Option key down until you get the Continue button.
  • 6. Click on it and release the Option key.
  • 7. In the Add Account screen, type in the following details:

  • Account Type: POP
    Description: Any useful description
    Incoming Mail Server: Incoming POP server listed in the Yahoo Mail POP settings
    User Name: The user’s entire Yahoo email ID
    Password: The user’s Yahoo email password

  • 8. Hold the Option key and press on Continue and then release the Option key.
  • 9. Click Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) box.
  • 10. Select Password in the Authentication menu and click on Create.
  • 11. Launch Apple Mail and select Mail -> Preferences -> Accounts tab.
  • 12. Your Yahoo Mail account is to be selected.
  • 13. Enter the incoming port listed in the Yahoo Mail POP settings in the Port field.
  • 14. Confirm and save changes by clicking on the red icon in the upper-left corner.

Drawbacks of Manual Methods

As you can see from above, the manual methods to add Yahoo Mail to Apple Mail are quite lengthy and time-consuming processes. Users need to have very good technical knowledge so as to do any of the manual procedures and any mistake can cost a loss of data to the user. Therefore, it is very important to be more cautious when it comes to data loss. To avoid such issues, you can go for another effective solution as discussed above.

Automated Approach to Forward Yahoo Mail to Apple Mail

When the manual methods to move Yahoo mailbox to Mac Mail fail for the user, then he can approach some efficient third-party tool like SysTools Yahoo Backup tool, which is convenient and easy to use. This professional tool gets the work done fast and without any loss of data. All the attachments are also exported with the mail and even items like contacts, calendar and folders with their sub-folders can also migrate from Yahoo Mail to Mac Mail.


As we all know that nowadays people are migrating from one email client to other. Therefore, they need to have methods to do such task. Therefore, this blog talks about the manual and professional methods to export Yahoo Mail to Apple Mail with all its data items. You can migrate all the data items in a very effective way. Also, it describes the limitations of manual methods and the advantages of using a good third-party tool.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Convert Encrypted NSF to PST file & View Emails in Outlook

IBM Notes is a standard email application which is basically a document-based database system. There are many reasons due to a user is unable to convert encrypted NSF to PST file to open Lotus Notes emails in MS Outlook. There is a requirement of technical assistance for performing the migration process. As the file is encrypted and secure, it becomes difficult for a user to move that emails to Outlook. So naturally, the users and the business enterprise looked for various alternatives that can help them to do such task. MS Outlook email client was rapidly adopted by the users due to its simplicity and efficient emailing capabilities. In the following article, we will discuss methods of opening Lotus Notes files in Outlook using effective techniques.

Difficulties Faced while Moving Secured NSF file to PST

Before the question of migration pops up, there are some extra queries that are needed to be solved. Some are:

  • 1. Converting NSF to PST: The users want some method where they can access Lotus Notes emails in Microsoft Outlook. Here the problem is that the Outlook will not be able to comprehend the imported Lotus Notes NSF file because for the reason that Outlook supports PST file format. So, in order to make Lotus Notes readable in Outlook, a user needs to convert them into PST files. 
  • 2. Converting an Encrypted NSF File: One more difficulty, the users will face is when the NSF file is encrypted. So the query that arises is if there is any method to decrypt encrypted NSF files of Lotus Notes.

Understanding Lotus Notes Password Mechanism

To convert encrypted NSF to PST, it is important to know about the mechanism on which encryption of NSF emails varies. Lotus Notes has its authentication process performed by the use of a private key and this is stored in the Notes ID file. Only when a valid password is entered, then this key become visible which decrypts the file. When these keys are added to the list of valid readers, then the users can access the key and then one can decrypt the NSF file contents that were encrypted. So in a nutshell, if the user wants to access NSF files, then he needs to know two things:

  • 1. Copy of the Notes ID file
  • 2. Password for that Notes ID file

Manual Methods to Convert Encrypted NSF to PST

The security feature in Lotus Notes is so strong that there is no simple manual method to unlock Lotus Notes files. Also, Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook does not provide any supplementary applications wherein the conversion process can be supported. Some of the versions support the manual conversion process, which can be performed in two steps:

- To Export Lotus Notes Data

  • 1. Launch IBM Lotus Notes application on your system.
  • 2. Open the required NSF database file by clicking on the Open button.
  • 3. Go to Menu bar -> File -> Export.
  • 4. Select the location for the file on the Export wizard
  • 5. Click on Save as Type and select Comma Separated Value or Structured Text.
  • 6. Click on the Export option after typing the file name.

- To Import the Data to Microsoft Outlook

  • 1. Launch Microsoft Outlook application on your computer.
  • 2. Click on File menu -> Open -> Import.
  • 3. Select Import from another program or file on the Import and Export Wizard and click Next.
  • 4. When choosing the format, select Comma Separated Values (Windows) and Next.
  • 5. Browse for the file created in the first process, and click Next.
  • 6. Then, select a destination folder to import the data.
  • 7. After that, click Next.
  • 8. Now, wait till the importing process is completed.
  • 9. Finally, click Finish to complete the migration process.
  • 10. Thus the NSF files can be accessed in MS Outlook.

Automated Solution for NSF to PST Migration

Usually, all such manual methods have their own drawbacks regarding the encryption and the complexity of conversion. Also, technical expertise is required to convert encrypted NSF to PST file. The conversion from Lotus Notes NSF file to Microsoft Outlook PST file can be done by the use of the third-party tool like NSF to PST Converter. This professional tool requires that the user punches in the password during the conversion process so that one can easily access them in Outlook PST file format.

Summing Up

In this article, we have dealt with the reasons why the security feature of Lotus Notes is strong and hence, the manual method for conversion of Notes NSF file into Outlook PST file is not that good for proper migration of data. One may lose data while performing conversion process. Also, this blog suggests the use of automated tools to convert encrypted NSF to PST and make the secured NSF files accessible through Microsoft Outlook.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Save Yahoo Mail as EML File Format – Backup on Hard Drive

The use of email services for personal as well as business communication purposes cannot be ignored in today’s era. Yahoo Mail forms are one of the most popular web-based email applications and are used by a large number of users worldwide. The web-based email application poses a grave security threat as well and the user is always apprehensive if the data on the Yahoo Mail is safe on the cloud services or not. But if users save Yahoo mail as EML format then the data on the cloud can be saved on the hard drive. There is a possibility that the data may get damaged or inaccessible from the cloud. Therefore, it important to download Yahoo emails to computer as a backup. Once a user asked:

"Hey! I am unable to access my Yahoo emails and I do not know the reason why. Now I want to be cautious and save my emails on the system. I have a rough idea that the single emails can be saved in EML file format. But since I do not have any technical knowledge about the method to save the Yahoo mail as .eml file, could you please guide me in getting the emails to my local system?"

Exporting of Yahoo mails to EML file format is done in order to save each email in the computer system. With this, you can download your Yahoo Mail and can access them even in offline mode. Following are some methods to convert and save Yahoo mail as EML file format; thus resolving many users’ queries.

Reasons to Save Yahoo Emails as a Backup

Yahoo Mail application by itself is a reliable way to send and receive emails. But there are some external factors which may affect the data stored in the user’s Yahoo account and hence affect the overall performance of Yahoo Mail. Some of the factors are:

  • 1. Hacking of the user’s Yahoo account
  • 2. Attack by virus and malware
  • 3. Corruption of the stored data

No doubt, all the data is stored in the cloud services, but if anything goes wrong then the user may not be able to access the server and there are chances of data loss. So, it is always advisable that the data should be saved as a backup on the local system so that the emails can be retrieved easily whenever needed as in case of data loss or for offline viewing.

Method to Save Yahoo Mail as EML

User’s Yahoo email account can be synchronized to any of the email clients available. Some of the popular email clients available are Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, and Outlook Express etc. Then the user needs to download each and every email in the EML file format. The email client needs to be installed in the system and all the emails should be synchronized using IMAP configuration settings. After configuration of data, you can save email messages in the local hard drive as EML file format.

Limitations of the Manual Method

The manual method of saving Yahoo mail in EML file format has some limitations like:

  • 1. The manual method is the best approach when the emails to be saved are far less. But if the emails to be stored are in bulk, then this method is very time-consuming. It is because the process will take a lot of time to save required emails individually.
  • 2. For EML file conversion, a user is required to install the email client like Thunderbird on the system. Now, this is the obvious disadvantage because the application will consume the hard disk space. If the user is facing a shortage of hard disk space, then the installation of any application will not be helpful.
  • 3. The process of saving Yahoo mail as EML format does not guarantee any user related to data safety. There are chances that there is a loss of data when the user accesses his Yahoo Mail account from other email clients.

Automated Solution to Export Yahoo Mail to EML

If the user has a bulk number of emails that are important to be saved then the professional approach like SysTools Yahoo Backup Tool works out the best. There is no such limitation when it comes to any tool. With the help of this application, one can save Yahoo mail as EML file format directly in a hassle-free way. This method is very easy and convenient. It saves a lot of time and efforts of the user to accomplish the task.

The Bottom Line

This article discusses the possible methods to save Yahoo mail as EML file format in user’s hard drive. A manual method is also mentioned in this blog which is quite time-consuming and does not ensure data safety. But an easy way out can be a professional application that can assure a user that the data is safe and secure. One can retrieve a bulk number of emails in plenty of time without any efforts.