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Recreate Outlook OST File 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003-Best Tips & Tricks

How to Recreate Outlook OST File in an Easy Way

Microsoft Outlook is an email client which plays an important role in computing. MS Outlook has a unique feature in which user can work in offline mode when exchange server connection is not available. A user can do his/her work without any interruption while working in offline mode. The Outlook creates an OST file automatically for storing user data which instantly sync automatically when the server connection is available. But, sometimes this OST file shows an error message and gets corrupted. In such a messy situation, users choose to get an instant manual solution to Recreate Outlook OST File. But, this method is a bit lengthy and it is mandatory that the user must be a Technically sound to deal with the manual process. Through this article, we are going to help users who want to fix this issue step by step using manual methods and an automated Solution.

Necessity to Recreate Outlook Profile

Microsoft Outlook saves the files in two formats i.e. OST & PST in which OST file format is built in offline mode when exchange server is not available. It gets synchronized with Exchange Server whenever the connection is available. But, sometimes OST file encounters a problem as there few reasons behind the error in OST file:

    1.The OST File got corrupted.
    2.The Outlook Mailbox filled with OST Files gets oversized.
    3.The OST File got deleted due to Virus intrusion.
    4.The Synchronisation of OST File failed.

Above are some common reasons behind different errors in OST File. Hence to overcome these issues, users have to repair or restore its corrupted OST files. Also, the user can simply recreate OST file in Outlook by following some step by step of the manual methods:

How To Recreate Outlook OST File

Below mention are the few steps for the different version of Outlook. The user can choose different methods for their respective MS Outlook versions.

Steps To Recreate OST profile 2016/2013/2010/2007

For Recreating Outlook OST, a user needs to follow few simple steps for different Outlook versions to recreate Outlook OST file. Below steps can be followed for the same:

    1. To initialize the procedure first open MS Outlook Application then click on File tab in Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 & Tool menu in Outlook 2007.
    2. Click on account setting & double click on MS Exchange.
    3. After that Then hit on more setting button.
    4. Then, Advance Tab>Offline Folder Setting.
    5. In this step provide the path to save OST file & click OK.
    6. If you notice an error message then simply click OK.
    .ost could not be found. Would you like to create it?”
    7. At last click on OK & Finish.

STEPS TO Recreate Outlook OST File 2003/2002

The user must follow the below mention steps & after that user must synchronize their data.

    1.To initialize the procedure user first open Outlook & click on Tool Menu.
    2. After that click on view or change existing mail account then after click next.
    3. In the following Dialog Box locate for Outlook process email for those accounts & after change click on Microsoft Exchange Server.
    4. More Setting -> Advance Tab after that click on Offline Folder File Setting.
    5. After that FileBox provide to save user OST File(by default ost file name is Outlook .OST).
    6. If Error message is prompted then simply click OK.
    .ost could not be found. Would you like to create it?”
    7. In Final Step simply click Next then Finish.


Above manual solution are used to recreate Outlook OST file but it consists limitation embedded with it. Below are few drawbacks for this:

    1. Manual methods are not proper methods to Recreate ost file.
    2. Manual methods are vast & complex.
    3. The Strong Technical skill required before initializing the process.
    4. High Risk to Loss of User Data during the process.

Expert Solution To Recreate Outlook OST File

As we discussed above the manual methods is not a wise & a proper method to Recreate Offline data file in Outlook. As it consists many drawbacks too. Hence, user required to have a third party tool i.e. SysTools OST to PST Converter. The tool is designed especially to recreate OST file in which it first repairs it & then export Outlook OST file to PST file format which can be used easily with any version of Microsoft Outlook.


    1. Convert all data from OSt file like Emails,contacts,etc.
    2. It also supports deleted data restoration from OST Files.
    3. This tool provides date filters to export Outlook OST file by date.
    4. the installation of Outlook is not necessaryfor this tool.

Final Words

In the above article, we have discussed manual methods to Recreate Outlook OST File.As we all know that OST file is very important for the user so we can recreate it by above manual methods if the user were unable to rebuild the file, then it is advised to switch to a professional solution mentioned above.

Recover Deleted Email From Thunderbird with X-Mozilla-Status

Simplest Way How to Recover Permanently Deleted Email From Thunderbird

Most of the users have an unpleasurable experience of Thunderbird because they have deleted their email messages from Inbox as well as Trash folder by mistake. Moreover, it is really difficult if the deleted mail contains an important information. When users have faced such situation, then, they must have to recover deleted emails from Thunderbird. In the following section, we are going to discuss different approaches to Recover Deleted Email From Thunderbird in an efficient way. Here, the most common query that a user faced as discussed below:

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Merge Thunderbird Mailboxes to Combine Multiple Mozilla Profiles

How to Merge Thunderbird Mailboxes from Two Separate Mailboxes/Profile

Many email clients are there like Entourage, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail, etc that support this MBOX file-format. MBOX mailboxes consist of all mail messages from 1 single mailbox in one particular file. In Mozilla Thunderbird email client application, you can easily configure multiple emailing accounts. However, if you have multiple email accounts and many mails, then it is considered better to Merge Thunderbird Mailboxes into one file for easier management through better search and faster email retrieval by the process described below to merge Thunderbird folders.

Query to Merge Thunderbird Mailboxes

Many users frequently face issues while a user tends to combine Thunderbird Profiles. One of these users wrote this query after encountering the same issue. He said that presently he was using Mozilla Thunderbird email application wherein he had five accounts and there were a large number of email folders in his mail-client. It became rather tricky for him to search for any specific emails from all those massive number of folders due to duplicity issue. So, now the requirement was of some solution for merging MBOX mailboxes so that he could also refine his search while looking for some emails & merge Thunderbird folders.

The Need to Merge Thunderbird Folders

The need to Merge Thunderbird Mailboxes arises due to several reasons. Some of these are discussed underneath:

• Some users face this need to combine Thunderbird Profiles for speeding up the search & retrieval of some specific emails from multiple folders or multiple email accounts.
•Sometimes the requirement arises when users have to use the merged file, which is a bigger file, with other some email client like Microsoft Outlook.
•The same requirement is there when users have to remove some duplicate mails or some duplicate data so as to increase some free space on the hard disk drive, which can be done when trying to merge Thunderbird folders into 1 single folder.
•Multiple MBOX mailboxes can be managed better when merged together into one single archive file.

Manual Way for Combining Multiple Thunderbird Mailboxes

The method involves 2 steps
Step 1:  MBOX conversion
Step 2: To combine Thunderbird Profiles, as follows:

STEP ONE: Importing MBOX Emails

MBOX format and Outlook are belonging to 2 separate platforms. Considering this, MBOX conversion is an intricate task not suggested to be done manually being a lengthy and impractical process in any real-world scenario. Using some good MBOX conversion tool is recommended for converting MBOX format to Microsoft Outlook.After which we can easily merge Thunderbird folders

STEP TWO: Merge Thunderbird Mailboxes

After email importation in Outlook, step 2 involves to combine Thunderbird profiles . This is done when master-archive-folder is created as shown below:
• In Outlook, form new PST file, which is Master-Archive
• Click File
1. Go to Account settings
2. Then Data Files
• Browse location
• Keep new name for Master-archive-folder
• Click File
• Go to Open
• Then Outlook-Data-File
• Connecting of master-archive has to be done for all mails being imported in last step 1
• Copy content to this particular file
• Disconnecting of previous archives
• Saving of new master file is needed in the default archiving location
• This is done by Auto-Archive settings as follows
3. Click File
4. Go to Options
5. Then Advanced
6. Then AutoArchive settings
• This would help in merging MBOX mailboxes in Outlook in PST format

Another Way to Merge Thunderbird Profiles

Manual way to Merge Thunderbird Mailboxes is a taxing one on time and effort with all the risks associated with data loss as well. The process is a confusing one for novice users and users, who are not well-versed with technical terminologies, cannot really perform the process without any glitches! Thunderbird and Outlook are needed too to perform the operation. Chances of data loss cannot be ruled out. So, better alternative and an easier one for merging MBOX mailboxes is to use some high-performing commercial tool like SysTools MBOX to PST Converter

Concluding Remarks

For merging MBOX mailboxes together into 1 place, above mentioned manual approach can be used but an expert third-party solution is developed with much expertise, thus saving users’ time & effort a great deal. This blog discussed both these approaches, one of the manual method to Merge Thunderbird Mailboxes and other of the professional tool for dealing with such problem of large data in MBOX mailboxes and merge Thunderbird folders

Easy Way to Sync Data from Gmail to Thunderbird Email Account

Gmail to Thunderbird: Configure your Gmail Account in Mozilla Email Client

Did you know that you can access your Gmail account inside the Thunderbird (Mozilla Email Account)that is a desktop based email client? Gmail is a convenient efficient email service on the web. Thunderbird makes it easy for all the people to manage both Gmail and Thunderbird account on the same interface without facing any problem. Thunderbird makes it easy to access a Gmail account. It’s just done in few settings & all you need is only your Gmail credentials. So, we can easily migrate from Gmail to Thunderbird. Here we are showing you method for moving your account using manual method & using third party tool.

Methods to Sync Gmail to Mozilla Thunderbird

There are various methods for moving your Gmail account to a Desktop email client. The first method is by configuring the web account to a desktop that is one of them that all of us do. The second method is to use one of the Google services that are Google takeout that backup our data. All these are manual methods. The third or last method is to use a third party tool to move emails from Gmail account to Thunderbird.

How to Configure Gmail Mailbox to Mozilla Email Account

For configuring Gmail account in Mozilla Thunderbird the user needs to enable IMAP in their Google’s Gmail account. The IMAP is better than the POP3; So, we use IMAP to sync Gmail to Thunderbird. Follow the below steps:

  1. 1. Firstly, Log-in your Gmail account & enable the IMAP in the Settings under Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab & click on Save Changes button.
  2. 2. Now open Thunderbird go to File >> New >> Existing Mail Account.
    Go to Tools >> Account Settings >> a new window opens click bottom left Account Actions >> Add Mail Account.
  3. 3. After this Mail Account Setup window opens; Fill Your Name, Email address of Gmail & Password of Gmail then click on Continue button.
  4. 4. Select IMAP(remote folders) & click on Manual config button.
  5. 5. Now we have to manually change the settings under Server hostname section.
  6. Incoming: imap.gmail.com / Port:993 / SSL: SSL/TLS / Authentication: Autodetect.
  7. Outgoing: smtp.gmail.com / Port:25 or 465 / SSL: SSL/TLS / Authentication: Autodetect.
  8. The Username will be your Gmail ID.
  9. 6. Click Re-test.

Now if you entered everything correctly then this will be completed successfully & you can click on Create Account button.

For now, after you can easily check your Gmail in Thunderbird by clicking on Read messages or Inbox.

Setup your sent folder properly

  1. 1. Thunderbird >> Tools >> Account Settings >> Copies & Folders: set Place a copy into Sent Items on the mail server.
  2. 2. Restart Thunderbird.

How to Backup Gmail to Thunderbird

In this, you can get all your data backed up using a service provided by Google that is Google takeout that is used to backup your data to MBOX file format & other formats also. By Exporting all the data you can move it to the Desktop based email client(Thunderbird).

Steps for taking backup your Gmail to MBOX are:

  1. 1. Firstly, Log-in to your Gmail account.
  2. 2. Type URL- https://takeout.google.com/settings/takeout in the next tab, Now select the products to include in backup & configure the settings for each product & click Next.
  3. 3. Now Customize the archive format select File Type-.zip, Archive size-1GB to 50GB & select the Delivery Method as you want it & click Create Archive.
  4. 4. After this, the process is starting to back up your data & it shows a message on the screen that “Please note that archives may take a long time (hours or possibly days) to create. You will receive an email when your archive is complete.”
  5. 5. Click on Manage archives and it shows to download the file click on Download button. Now it lets you log-in again for verification after that it starts downloading the backup file.

Now your backup is ready to transfer into Thunderbird.

Steps to Move MBOX file to Thunderbird are:

  1. 1. Open Thunderbird account and go to Tools.
  2. 2. Select "Add-ons" from the Tools menu.
  3. 3. Select the ImportExport Tool and Click "Install”.
  4. 4. Now, restart Mozilla Thunderbird. Select "Import/Export in .mbox format" from the "Tools" menu. Click "Import mbox file."
  5. 5. Select the MBOX file you want to import and click "Open."

Master solution: Configure Gmail in Thunderbird

As we see above all the manual methods that need a full internet connection or many technical steps to complete the process. For the manual configuration, a non-technical user will get stuck in it. Here is a master solution for download Gmail emails to MBOX using Gmail Backup tool. With the help of this tool, you can export Gmail to Thunderbird. It is easily operated by technical as well as non-technical both users. Having user-friendly environment. Now it will give you the backup in MBOX file that you can transfer in Mozilla Thunderbird account.

For moving MBOX file to Thunderbird you have to download the Add-on of Import/Export tool in Thunderbird. After that, you start the process. So, as you see that the manual method of moving MBOX to Thunderbird is too lengthy; Here is the Thunderbird Import Wizard tool that helps you to import multiple MBOX files into Mozilla profile in just a few clicks.


In this article, we get to know all the manual & third party methods to migrate from Gmail to Thunderbird. After comparing the results. It is suggested to go for an automated solution as it completes the process in few clicks, saves the time, having full security to our data & no chances of data loss and file corruption.

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Outlook 2003/07/10/13/16 Deleted Items Folder Missing

Outlook is the personal information manager Email Client from Microsoft, & is a part of MS Office Suite. This serves as an email application as well as a calendar in MS Office Package. The Outlook Email client has many versions like Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016. These versions include some extra or additional features. Thus, here in this article, we are going to describe Outlook 2003/7/10/13/16 deleted items folder missing scenario.

Main Features of Outlook 2007:

1. Changes in User Interface
• The addition of ribbons to certain forms of contents
• some common functions are on the Messages, Insert, & Format Text tabs
• The Office button has been replaced by File menu button
• Quick access to toolbar customization

2. The Calendar Updates
• The To-do bar shows the calendar, newly arrived messages in one place
• Upgraded calendar with a task view
• Can easily share your schedule with others

3. Improvement in Search
• Can easily search for Outlook items

Main Reasons for Outlook 2007 Deleted Items Folder Missing Error

Outlook is the most used email client among users, but sometimes users come up with some errors that result in no access to the Outlook account. Among those errors, one such is Outlook Deleted Items folder missing error. This Error basically occurs when the Deleted folders go missing from MS Outlook or when Outlook stops working. There are many times when deleted Outlook folders go missing or hidden from Outlook 2003/07/10/13/16. The data folders of Outlook can be lost due to the reasons which are stated below:
• Virus attack to Outlook
• Software basically conflicts in the working
• Corruption with Outlook 2007 configuration

Manual Methods to Solve Microsoft Outlook Deleted Items Folder Missing Error

There are many reasons or some unknown facts through which there is an unavailability of Deleted folders in Outlook files. But there are some cases when these deleted items or the folders that are missing can be extracted by following the manual methods which are discussed below:

Method 1:
Create new profile & check if it is being displayed

Method 2:
Start Outlook 2007, Go to Start -> Run -> type “outlook.exe / resetfolders” cmd.

Method 3:
In the case of no deleted items folder in outlook 2007, you can try the inbuilt functionality of Diagnose & repair facility which is provided by MS Office.

Method 4:
One main reason for this error is that you don’t have a delete folder in the IMAP account.

To see the folders which are available for your IMAP account follow the steps which are mentioned below:

• First, select “Inbox” folder of IMAP account
• Now select “Folder” tab from the ribbon
• Click “IMAP folders”
• A dialog box will appear with a query button, press the button
• Select all folders which you want in Outlook’s
• Now click the subscribe button
• Then click OK

Create Folders to Resolve Outlook Deleted Folder Missing Error

If the IMAP account does not hold deleted folder now also, you can create them manually. You can do this by selecting New Folder button on the Folder tab.

While trying to make a folder you can be stuck with this type of error:

In this scenario, it is clear that your IMAP account will not accept a new root level folders. You can now create these folders as the sub folders or the children's folders of the inbox folders.

Assign the Folders

Now the deleted folders have been created on your IMAP account, you can now configure MS Outlook to use or work with those folders as such. This happens when you delete the very first message after creating these folders.

If this does not happen you can get the folders manually in a below-mentioned way in case of Outlook 2003/7/10/13/16 deleted items folder missing.

1. Open IMAP account settings
2. Press More Settings button
3. Now press the Sent items tab
4. Now select “save sent items in the folder on the server” option
5. After that select the folders you want to store these items into
6. Select the Delete item tab
7. Now select “Move deleted items to the following folder on the server” option
8. Select that folder you need to store the deleted items
9. Press OK to close the settings
10. Click on Next & then finish to confirm the changes
11. press Close to close the account settings

If none of the above solutions works then you can refer any third party tool to recover deleted folder missing error and can easily make use of the software to fix outlook 2003/7/10/13/16 deleted items folder missing scenario.

Expert Solution

With SysTools Outlook Recovery Tool you can easily recover missing deleted folder in Outlook. The software can easily fix corrupt or damaged OST file issue. Also, it allows you to recover deleted Outlook OST files in just a few simple steps. It is also capable in removing minor as well as major corruption from the corrupted Offline storage file.


There can be various situations like deleted folder missing from Outlook 2013. So to solve this error one need to restore those missing deleted folders. Here we have used some manual methods which will help you fix Outlook 2003/7/10/13/16 deleted items folder missing. But there are some limitations of these methods like they are cumbersome, lengthy and time-consuming. So keep those limitations in mind we have introduced you with Outlook Recovery tool which will recover the error Microsoft Outlook 2007 deleted items folder missing.

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How to Merge Two Archive PST Files in Outlook 2016/13/10/07

Merge Two Archive PST Files: Expert Tips

Though Outlook happens to be the most preferred email client, it too has some kinds of drawbacks. A very big shortcoming in older Outlook’s versions was with the size limit for PST files. So, till the time data volume is well within this size limit, things work fine, but the minute the PST files breach the size limitation imposed upon them, problems like data corruption, lower performance, etc are seen to emerge. Appreciatively, this problem got resolved in the newer version of Outlook like Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007. In these new versions, there is apparently no such size-bound related issues with PST files. But, now a new type of problem has taken birth. Users having older PST files created using any older Outlook version now are looking for ways that merge two archive PST files so that they can import all that data of multiple small files into one large PST file, which they can easily use with the newer Outlook version they are using.

Need to Merge PST files Outlook 2016

With advancements in Outlook’s feature set, PST files are no more bound by size limitation. So, users, who are having many small sized PST files that are older Outlook’s editions, are now searching on how to merge two archive PST files in outlook 2013 into one single file which can be easily used as one single data-entity with the new version of Outlook program.

Manual Method to Combine Multiple PST Files

If the need is on how to merge multiple pst files into one in outlook 2013, which can be used with the most recent versions of MS Outlook, then the steps of the manual procedure that are given underneath can be performed:

FIRST STEP: Creating fresh new blank PST file

For creating a totally new and blank PST file, as a first step to merge two archive PST files, the user can perform the following steps:
• In Outlook’s window, click New Items
• Then, More Items
• Then, Outlook-Data-File
• Now, the next step is to select some location for saving this new blank PST file
• Then, give a name
• Finally, click OK

SECOND STEP: Merge two archive PST files

To merge two PST files 2016 into this new PST file created now, the steps below can be followed:
• In Outlook’s window, click File
• Then, Open
• Then, Import
• This opens the Import-Export Wizard
• Now, you need to select Import-from-another-program-or-file
• After that, click Next
• Select file type as Outlook’s Data File (PST) for importing
• Now, again click Next
• Click Browse for locating the file that is required to be imported
• Check the box for Do-not-import-duplicates
• Click Next once again
• Now, select which folder is required to be imported
• And then, check the Include-subfolders-and-Import-items-into-the-same-folder-in-boxes
• Finally, click Finish to merge two archive PST files Outlook 2010

In this manual method to merge PST files, the steps mentioned above would help in importing PST file to the specified folder. For importing any other PST files too, do these steps for each one of them. Once all PST files are imported, the data contained inside those would combine multiple PST files to one single PST file. You can then export the resultant bigger PST file to any system for accessing all of your mailbox’s data.

A Quick and Simple Alternative that merge PST files outlook 2016

The above-given manual way on how to merge two archive PST files into one in outlook 2013 is easy to perform if done properly. But, the occurrence of errors also can’t be ruled out, which arise due to any wrong selections or due to some problems with the PST files only that the user is trying to merge. Moreover, for the user who is not that well-versed with this methodology and faces difficulty in understanding technical terms etc.; might find the method a little tricky. To resolve in such cases, third-party solutions can be choosen to merge multiple pst files into one in a reliable manner.

Final Clause

To merge two archive PST files to one single PST file is not that tough via the above mentioned manual way, but this should only be tried if you are very confident that you can perform the procedure efficiently by yourself. However, when in any kind of doubt, you must avoid all sorts of hassles and use a better, more reliable and much secure method that combine outlook pst files Outlook 2016 i.e. to use a good commercial tool like SysTools PST Merge.

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How to Open MBOX files in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007?

Complete Guide on How to Open MBOX in Outlook 2016/13/10/07

This article provides a detailed information on how to view MBOX files in Outlook and what is the need for the same? MBOX is the is the basic file format for Mozilla Thunderbird, Entourage, Mac Mail, Eudora, Spicebird, Berkeley, MailCopa, The Bat!, PocoMail, EarthMail, etc. All the messages for each MBOX are stored as individual, lengthy, text file in a series of concatenated emails, starting with the header of the messages. MS Outlook is one among the widely used email application that uses PST and OST files to store emails. MBOX files and Outlook PST files are completely different file formats. MBOX file format is supported by so many email applications, but PST is only supported by MS Outlook.

User Query: "I was using Thunderbird as it was completely free. But later I started using Outlook as some of my needs would be better satisfied using the same. But the problem is that now I want to read MBOX files in Outlook. Is there any reliable solution for this?"

Need: Open MBOX in Outlook 2016

With the increasing popularity of Microsoft Outlook, one of the most common scenarios is how to open MBOX files in Outlook 2013. Even after MBOX being a flexible file format and supported by various email applications,  users are often in search of how to view MBOX files in Outlook as it provides so many attractive features to its users and PST is a well organized and secure way to store essential data. Apart from this, there are some more reasons that take a way on the need to open MBOX in outlook 2016.

• MBOX files include only email messages in order while MS Outlook mailbox, users can store emails, contacts, journals, notes, calendar events, etc.
• It is not necessary to have an Internet connection to access previously downloaded emails and users can even work offline with the help of Outlook.

Manual Solution: Open MBOX in Outlook 2013

How to view MBOX files in Outlook using the manual method? It would require many email applications. Take the backup of MBOX files before starting the process

Step 1:  In AppleMail
• Launch AppleMail and click on File>>Import Mailboxes
• Choose the program from where the data is to be imported, under Import data from:
• Click on Continue button and give location where MBOX files are stored on system
• Choose MBOX data files that you want to import and click Choose
• Select desired items and click Continue
• Click on Done and browse the Import section in the mailboxes list

Step 2: In Eudora

• Add MBOX file extension to the file that is imported.
• Move this to Eudora directory. Default location of the file is
C: Documents and Settings<user>Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora
• Open Eudora and double-click on the test MBOX.mbx and close the application

Step 3: In Outlook Express

• Launch Outlook Express
• Go to File >> Import >> Messages
• Choose Eudora from the list of email applications and choose Next
• Browse the location to select the .mbx file and click OK
• Click on Next >> Next >> Finish

Step 4:  In MS Outlook

• Go to File>>Open, in MS Outlook
• Now, from the available list choose Import and then Import and Export Wizard
• Choose Import Internet Mail and Addresses and click Next
• Choose Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or Window Mail
• Make sure that the option of Import Mail is checked and click Next
• Now the users can open MBOX in Outlook 2016

Limitations of Manual Method

In the above procedure to open MBOX file in Outlook 2010, many email clients take part to perform the MBOX file conversion, and this leads to the drawbacks such as:

• Data loss
• Data corruption
• Lengthy and tedious process

Automated Solution: Open MBOX in Outlook

Since the manual method has a risk of data loss and as it engulfs a lot of time, users often rely on third party solutions for an easy, safe and fast process. One such efficient & reliable method is provided by SysTools that allows users to convert emails from MBOX to PST. It converts MBOX files of more than 20 email clients to MS Outlook PST, EML, MSG.

Bottom Lines

MS Outlook has several eye-opening features that attracts the users of other email clients to choose it over theirs. There are a couple of methods available on how to view MBOX files in Outlook 2010. Therefore, in the above article, we have discussed manual methods and an expert solution that open MBOX in Outlook 2016 and move the data.