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Guide to Export Outlook PST Files to Thunderbird

MS Outlook email program is an emailing application that’s part of MS Office’s suite of applications. The major usage of Outlook’s tool is managing emails. Additionally, Outlook also provides other features like management of tasks, contacts’ management, taking notes, storing journal entries and their management, and much more. In many enterprises, MS Outlook program is used in conjugation with the MS Exchange Server. But, Outlook can even be used in the form of a standalone emailing application. But due to some reasons, the need to Export Outlook PST files to Thunderbird carries. Therefore in this write-up, we will discuss all such reasons.

About Thunderbird

Developed by Mozilla Company, Thunderbird application happens to be a free email tool that is also cross-platform. Thunderbird is basically a mails/newsgroups/chats email client. Using Thunderbird, users can very conveniently manage their emails in multiple numbers, newsgroups, as well as news-feed account, and more. Additionally, this email tool also provides certain other features including those of saved search folders, quick-search, advanced filtering of mail messages, a grouping of mail messages, and much more.

Need to Export Outlook PST files to Thunderbird

With many multiple useful features of Thunderbird’s email client as compared to Outlook, users may consider migrating from MS Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird. But, there can be numerous other reasons for such a thought process wherein transferring Outlook PST Files to MBOX of Thunderbird becomes mandatory for the user to perform.

Queries Often Encountered by Outlook Users

Outlook sometimes is the default email client for some users. Users who often have PST files on their computer systems that have been exported from MS Outlook usually consist of all email addresses. Now, many such users want to know the process to Export Outlook PST files to Mozilla Thunderbird as it supports MBOX file format. After a couple of failed attempts on importing Outlook’s Address into Mozilla Thunderbird’s Address Book as they did not work properly, any user is likely to think about other better ways of carrying out this migration. Either there is an absence of any default email client or their existing email client is unable to fulfill these messaging requests.

Solution to Manually Export Outlook PST Files to Thunderbird

There surely is manual techniques available using which one can transfer Outlook data Files to Thunderbird. One of such usual methods is as follows:

First and foremost, you need to set the MS Outlook emailing tool as your default email client
After that, in Mozilla Thunderbird

1. You need to go Tools.
2. Then Import
3. And then select: Address books
4. After that, click Next
5. On doing so, you now have to select: Outlook
6. And finally, click Next

Another Method to Export Outlook PST Files to Thunderbird

In MS Outlook email client, you have to export the contacts address book as CSV
After that, in Mozilla Thunderbird email client

1. You have to go to Tools first
2. And then go to Import
3. Here, select: Address books
4. The next step involves clicking on Next
5. Once done with this, you now have to select: Text file (.csv, .tab, ldif, .txt)
6. And after that, click Next again
7. Here, now you need to locate the saved .csv file
8. And after that, click Open
9. Mapping of fields might be required


It is possible to export Outlook PST files to Thunderbird after the conversion of file format. This is because, Mozilla Thunderbird is supporting MBOX format for storing all mailbox items. When PST files are converted to MBOX format files then the data contained in them can be easily exported to Thunderbird. However, for full-fledged mailbox data exportation, no manual methodology is available. So, the only option available to the users is to look around for a third party tool for the conversion

SysTools PST to MBOX

For having an easy, instant, safe and result-oriented solution to export Outlook PST files to Thunderbird, users can try seeking help from third party vendors by availing their superior software solutions like SysTools PST to MBOX Converter. Users can get help from their supreme methodologies to govern the process of conversion in everything but foolproof manner.

Concluding Words

So we saw that how some users wish to change their email client from Outlook and in the course of this switchover, they face the requirement to export Outlook PST files to Thunderbird. Carrying out this conversion via a manual way is rather tough and seems like an onus task. On the other hand, the same method using some 3rd-party wondrous tool seems like a cakewalk even for novice users.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Best 5 Tips on How to Make Outlook .PST Smaller in Windows

How to Make Outlook .PST Smaller?

This article is helpful to users as it provides the useful tips to keep the PST size smaller. It helps in managing and increasing the speed and overall performance of the Microsoft Outlook. These also help users when anyone wants to reduce the size of a large PST.
If someone is using Outlook for a quite large time, then it is obvious that their PST file will be large. Heavy data files are more vulnerable to corruption and can get easily damaged. This would lead to inaccessibility of data stored in PST file. Therefore, it becomes necessary to keep the PST size smaller so that it remains in an accessible state.
For a smooth and better experience with Outlook, it is imperative to run a mail maintenance periodically.

How To Backup/Copy Lotus Notes Email To Hard Drive

Lotus Notes is basically an emailing client by IBM. Well, it is more than an email application. A user can access his emails online as well as in offline mode. If any user wants to save Lotus Notes emails to hard drive for any purpose, then he has to create a backup of his hard drive. Now, some question arises like “why is there any need to save emails from Notes?”,“How to backup Lotus Notes email to hard drive?”, etc.

Save Lotus Notes Emails To Hard Drive

 It is important to create a backup of the emails in case of any data corruption, inaccessibility of database, etc. One can restore those emails from that backup. So in this article, we will discuss the ways to create a copy of Notes emails in a local system. I will also brief you with the user’s queries as asked:

“Hey! I want to save my Lotus Notes emails to my local machine as I am facing some issues in accessing my Notes database. I want to Download emails from lotus notes to the desktop before losing access to them. Please help me in saving my data!”

“Hello! I want to move all my Lotus Notes emails from my machine to my friend’s one and then import it to Microsoft Outlook. So I am trying to save my emails but I didn’t get a good solution. Please provide me a suggestion to save Lotus Notes emails locally. So that I can transfer it to my Pen drive and then my friend’s system. Thanks!!”

Quick Solution: Here, we are providing you an instant and effective solution for converting Lotus Notes database emails to MS Outlook in a simple and efficient way. You can copy lotus notes email to hard drive by using this solution.

Need to Copy Notes emails on Hard Drive

There can be many reasons to save email from lotus notes to hard drive. Some are listed:

  • 1. If a user wants to migrate his Lotus emails to a new machine and he needs to access the old database and emails, then he has to save emails on his local machine.
  • 2. If any user wants to switch from Lotus Notes to any other email client like Outlook, then they can move their emails directly or by creating a backup on the local machine.
  • 3. If one has to save the emails in any external device like Pen drive, external hard drive, etc. Then also there is a requirement to save emails.
  • 4. If any user wants to view any particular email without Lotus Notes in his system then a backup may also be required.

Ways to Backup Notes Emails Locally

A user can save Lotus Notes emails to hard drive by following two ways:-

Convert Emails to PDF

  1. 1. Select the email message which you want to save and drag it to any location. An EML will be saved there.
  2. 2. Open the dropped EML files with Outlook.
  3. 3. Now go to File menu and click on Save As and save the file in HTML format.
  4. 4. Now open the HTML document in MS Word and save it as PDF. You will see that that email is converted to PDF format and saved to your hard drive.

Export Emails

  1. 1. Open Lotus Notes. Click on File >> Export.
  2. 2. Now select the folder you want to save in your system. Then check the option “Convert this folder and all subfolders”. Then click on Ok button.
  3. 3. Now browse the destination location, save the file in Comma Separated Values file format and click on Save button to save the emails.
  4. 4. Now you can open that file in MS Excel and view the emails. You can also migrate the CSV file to Outlook as well.

Expertise solution

Manual methods are enough long and time-consuming to save Lotus Notes emails to hard drive. It is difficult to perform such methods as one minor mistake can make the database file corrupt. A user won’t be able to access his emails. And the user may lose the data from the NSF database also. So it is important to keep your data safe. A user can download multiple emails from lotus notes to local disk & also save the data in PST file format. The User can also import that file into MS Outlook and keep it safe in his local machine for future access.


In this article, all manual steps are covered to save Lotus Notes emails to hard drive. But due to non-technical knowledge and long & time-consuming process, one can prefer simple and effective expertise solution to save Lotus emails to the hard drive. This solution is an effective way to keep your data safe and to create backup for the files.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Tutorial to Import PST to EML without any hassle

In IT field, many of the emailing application provide a facility for managing your email data in a smooth and effective manner. Outlook is also one of these. It is a popular email application for accessing and managing email information and data. With the help of this email program, you can very simply access your mailbox data on your system even at the time of no internet connectivity. Outlook manages personal user accounts information including mail messages, contacts, tasks, calendars, notes, etc. But, sometimes, PST files become inaccessible owing to some virus intrusion or due to PST oversize issue or may be due to software/hardware faults. In such kind of situations, many users ponder upon switching to some other email client like; Outlook Express. To switch Outlook to Outlook Express, you would require converting your email data to the format supported in that email client (i.e. EML).

Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Issues Solved

While migrating from Notes to MS Office 365, you must know that it is not that easy, but it can be an easy process under two cases, either when you have the technical know-how to perform the method or when you contact the experts for doing so. Migrating data to cloud involves a lot of planning and proper method to do the task. This is because, if you do not do the migration well, then it can lead to lengthy downtime for your organization, and that can damage your work and business totally, along with heavy costs of potential data loss and IT-team’s long hours that would be spent in solving the issue.

Know How to Eliminate Duplicate Email Items from Outlook

Have you ever faced a problem of redundant emails, contacts or calendar entries in your MS Outlook account? Do you want to clean up/remove the emails from inbox or want to eliminate duplicate email items from Outlook 2016?

First of all we will find the possible key reasons for duplication of Outlook emails. After that, simple solutions are provided to clean the identical conversations, contacts and meetings from your account's inbox.

So, before discussing the steps to eliminate the repeated items in Outlook, let us first explore the reasons behind the duplication of data. The replication of an email or of another items in Microsoft Outlook are usually due to the following main reasons:

  1. Incorrectly Configured Rules:
    Sometimes there are cases that two or more rules are fired upon receiving email, resulting in multiple instances of the same messages. This causes duplication of data in Outlook mailbox.

  2. Incorrect Account Setup:
    If an email account is configured multiple times then, it can also cause incoming data to synchronize repeatedly. Due to this, users encounter duplication of emails, contacts and calendars in the Outlook account.

  3. Improper Mailbox Settings:
    You might receive the same email messages, contacts or same calendar entries, multiple times, due to the incorrect mailbox settings on the time of account creation. This may also lead to cause the redundant emails and the other items.

  4. Short Send/ Receive Intervals:
    Due to the small frequency of your inbox updates; Outlook sometimes load message into the inbox. But might not able to mark the occurrences of those messages as synchronized or loaded. It creates same messages multiple times.

  5. Anti-Virus Scanner:
    When an anti-virus program is installed on the same machine that runs Microsoft Outlook, there are some possibilities are that it will intercept Send or Receive request in Outlook.

  6. User errors:
    Some user errors occurs when a user copy and paste the contacts and appointments or meetings in the Outlook's contact book or calendar.

  7. Incorrect merging:
    When one Outlook personal folder i.e PST is merged into another folder, then it might also create duplication of data.

Problem Occurs due to the Duplication of Data

Mailbox's repeated items can cause severe issues such as the performance of the PST or application becomes slow, PST file might got corrupted, etc.
So, one must clean duplicate emails MS Outlook after reviewing with absolute attention.
Now, there are some negative impact of the replicated emails or items on the Outlook account.

Consequences of Repeated Email Items in MS Outlook

  • • They might impact client loading performance in Outlook.
  • • The more messages stored on your system or server, the more time it will take to load on start-up and the slower Outlook will be as the messages gets reloaded each time the application starts.
  • • Duplicated items or emails affect the productivity of mailbox and sometimes causes errors.
  • • If the email or other mailbox items has more than one copy, the PST file becomes over-sized and causes it might corrupt the file.
After knowing the root causes, impact and problems due to the corresponding/repeated emails or data, let’s find the solutions to remove redundant emails from Outlook.

How to Eliminate Duplicate Email Items from Outlook

Try the following solutions to resolve the issue of replicated items in MS Outlook:

1. Configure Rules Correctly

First check, if the Outlook Rules are not configured incorrectly or not, because this creates disorientation among different email folders.

2. Set the Frequency of Inbox Update

Follow the given steps to boost the frequency of Inbox update:

  1. 1. Open Outlook >> Click on Send or Receive.
  2. 2. Select Define Send or Receive Groups.
  3. 3. Set Schedule an automatic send/receive every value accordingly.

3. Run Inbox Clean Up

There are several utilities and add-ins in Outlook which helps to clean the same emails of the account. Clean Up is such built-in utility which can be executed manually within the application. Follow the steps given below to run this Clean Up utility to remove duplicate inbox email messages:

  1. 1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2016.
  2. 2. Select Inbox folder containing duplicated emails.
  3. 3. Go to the Home menu and click on Clean Up option on the ribbon. Now, select any one from the given options according to the reason for the occurrence of repeated items:
    • a.) Clean Up Conversation to erase and move alike email messages in the conversation to Deleted Items folder.
    • b.) Clean Up Folder to eliminate identical email messages from a specific folder.
    • c.) Clean Up Folder and Subfolders to remove the folders as well as subfolders.
  4. 4. Now, right-click on Deleted Items folder and select the option of Empty folder to permanently remove the duplicate email messages.

4. Anti- Virus Application

Anti- virus application is also another reason responsible for closing down Server connection. As the email messages are not flag as received if the connection is not shut down accordingly. This is the reason that a user see duplicates in the mailbox.
In order to resolve this issue, go through the instruction manual of the anti-virus and disable the email protection. When the email protection gets disabled then, let the MS Outlook encounter the Send or Receive cycles. Confirm that the duplicated emails are no longer received and also check if the anti-virus program is running accordingly or not.

A Proficient Solution to Eliminate Repeated Items

Instant Solution: If the above methods doesn't help to remove the duplicate data from your MS Outlook account, then it is recommended to go for an automated solution i.e. SysTools Outlook Duplicates Remover.
It is a competent third-party solution which helps the user to delete duplicate email items from Outlook account.
The utility not only eliminates the repeated email messages but also deletes all the junk files if any and makes the Outlook account more productive. The tool detect the replicated emails and removes them efficiently without losing any data. It is a complete package to resolve the issue of multiple Outlook mailbox. It can be downloaded and installed on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP and lower versions and supports Outlook 2016/ 2013/ 2010 /2007 /2003 versions.

The Bottom Line

Email duplication is a common issue faced by Microsoft Outlook users. It affects functionality, productivity, and performance of the mailbox to a huge amount. Thus, it becomes important to deletes repeated emails items from Outlook using a reliable and competent mechanism.
Despite the fact, it is not a troublesome procedure, still the integrity and importance of the email messages are always at pole. As a result, a reliable solution must be outlined to eliminates the duplicate emails and to save the original ones.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Export Outlook Contacts to CSV and PST File Format - Efficient Method

Regardless of technology advancements, emails are still considered to be more reliable and effective way of communication among multiple users in these days. Moreover, when we are talking about emailing, Microsoft Outlook is the name that comes into users mind automatically. So, this email client has an upgraded features, amongst all 'Contacts' is the most crucial part of it. As we know, contacts help us to keep in touch with important people. Although, no one wants to lose the contacts that they have made over many years. Therefore, even most of users need to switch between email platform, and they, trying to get their essential 'Contacts' over them. Here, in the following section, we are focusing on this instance and we will discuss various steps to export Outlook Contacts to CSV and PST file formats, thus, they will be used by other email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, and so on.

Transfer Outlook Contacts to CSV File

CSV is a file format used to be the most popular types of email clients. Thus, the moving Outlook contacts to CSV type can easily save lots of extra effort of other email applications. To follow these steps as given below:

Step1:  First, you have to launch MS Outlook

Step 2: Now, open Import / Export wizard

Step3:  Next, select the File menu under Outlook 2013 or 2016 version on the desktop. Choose Open & Export option and click the Import / Export option

Step 4: In Outlook 2007/2003, go to the File and choose Import and Export tab

Step 5: Then, choose the Export to a File and click on the Next button

Step 6. Select the Comma Separated Values(CSV) and then, choose Next

Step 7: Then, choosing the desired Contacts folder that is under the user's account (there could be multiple folders which depend upon how to organize all Contacts. Each folder wants to be exported separately)

Step 8: Click the Next button

Step 9: Choose the Browse option to select the destination location and the name of the file. Choose the OK button

Step 10: Users have to check where the new contacts file will be stored on the system and choose Next option

Step 11: Finally, click on the Finish to export the Address Book immediately.

Export Outlook Contacts to PST File

While transferring Contacts to CSV format, users may have different file formats available. One such option is PST and it is the most useful type if users want to move their Outlook Contacts from one platform to another platform. The following procedure will help to export Outlook contacts to PST format as mentioned below:

Step 1: Download and Install Microsoft Outlook on the local machine

Step 2: Then, Start the Import / Export wizard

Step 3: Under Outlook 2013 and later version, choose the File menu and go to Open & Export option. Next, click on Import / Export option

Step 4: From Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2003, click on the File and select Import and Export tab

Step 5: After that, choose the Export to a File and click on Next button

Step 6: Now, Select the Outlook Data File (.pst) and then, click the Next

Step 7: Bring out the particular Contacts folder (there could be many folders depending on how to organize each Contacts. Each folder will need to be exported separately)

Step 8: Next, choose the Next button

Step 9: Finally, select the Browse option to choose the destination path and file name for exported Contacts data file

Step 10: Click the Next button and then, choose the Finish option

Why Manual Approach Fails?

It can be possible that users get fail to convert Outlook contacts to CSV and PST file formats using manual procedure those are explained below:

1. The entire procedure is very lengthy and complex to perform the migration. Even a novice user may need to take help of the technical expert too.

2. There can be a risk of losing data because having no guaranteed to perform the conversion in an efficient manner.

Professional Solution to Migrate Outlook Contacts to CSV

When users want to Export the Outlook address book to CSV and PST format. Then, it becomes a very tough task for all users and also a lengthy procedure. Thus, many users prefer to search for a reliable and trustworthy solution i.e. SysTools Address Book Recovery Tool. One can use this software to overcome all such limitations of the manual approach.

Bottom Line

It is concluded that users need not worry about an email access while migrating Outlook contacts to CSV as well as PST file formats. As both formats play a significant role for business users. Along with, we have explained step by step procedure to export Outlook contacts to CSV and PST file formats. As manual approach has some drawbacks, so we have recommended an automated solution i.e. Address Book Recovery Tool can also be used for greater efficiency and time management.